5 Best Clicking Games

5 Best Clicking Games on PC in 2022

If you are a professional clicker and can click at a certain speed, winning clicking games can be like a walk in the park on a pleasant day for you and want to evaluate your clicking speed or challenge yourself. In contrast, if you are a beginner looking for a free practice platform, your search ends here. For both cases, I gather some of the best clicking games to find your fastest speed yet provide a good practice platform. Clicking games like these give you a good idea of where you stand on the skill of clicking.

Best Clicking Games to Try in 2022

1. Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker

This is one of the best clicker games you can play to have fun and test your skills. It involves clicking on a giant cookie as fast as possible to result in baking other cookies. You can further shop for more updates to bake cookies more quickly. Since its initial release, this game has received four updates fixing bugs, introducing gold cookies, and making the animation faster. There is also a milk level to show a short click multiplier. All in all, the game’s rules are straightforward; however, it requires you to be highly skilled in clicking.

2. Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is a simple yet exciting clicking game. It requires you to keep clicking on your enemy in the game, causing it to hurt and die in the end. Your speed of clicking will help kill it faster. Once that is done, the enemy drops gold, which is used to upgrade and purchase characters. Your total damage per second increases as purchasing characters also damage your enemy. Each level in the game requires you to kill at least ten enemies. After crossing five levels, you must kill one with a set timer. In this game, you collect hero souls by killing enemies and further buy Ancients that result in benefiting the player.

3. Babel Tower

Babel Tower

This game requires a player to build the famous tower of Babel. For this, you have to mine stones, which can be accomplished by clicking and holding the mouse’s left button. This clicker results in quickly producing bricks, taking part in other activities, and cutting trees. You need upgrades if you go to the ‘ market’ to let others buy the resources. If you click fast, your camps will be created automatically. To enhance the clicking speed, you must look out to gain golden eggs at the start of the game to help build the tower.

4. Candy Clicker

Candy Clicker

This game requires you to collect as many candies as you can. This can be done by a player clicking on the available sweets at high speed to create different candies. Collecting other candies will also help in unlocking many more items. Keep clicking at high speed to collect as many candies as you can!

5. Doge Miner

Doge Miner

This game requires you to buy a spaceship and travel to the moon. This task can only be achieved by clicking as fast as you can on the left side. There is a list of different options in the enhanced tools available on a side to choose from as well. To help collect extra coins, you need to keep mining which can be done by speed clicking. Some additional features include collecting axes from the sky, as well as hiring workers while buying them more equipment to help complete the task.

Benefits of Clicker Games

Apart from giving a player an enjoyable experience, clicking games have a lot of benefits. Many people believe games to be a waste of time, as well as unhealthy activity. People deem game players as people wasting their time. However, this is not at all true. Clicking games promise a lot of benefits from which you can advantage.

Apart from improving clicking speed, it leaves a customer satisfied as well as developing the skill of decision making while improving hand and eye coordination. Also, they help players to improve their computer task management skills. These are some promising benefits that can be achieved by playing these clicker games.

Final Words

You can play the above-mentioned games whether you are a fast clicker or new to this gaming profession. Clicking games promise a lot of benefits as well as are fun to play. To achieve better and faster clicks, you can use multiple clicking techniques, like butterfly clicking, drag clicking, Kohi clicking, etc. Also, try a quality mouse and a better sitting position to get the highest clicks in minimum time. Try all these games to get your clicking goal.

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