How To Activate & Use Built-In Auto Click Holder?

Auto click holder as the term is self-explanatory that there is an automatic clicking with the clicking device which is obviously a mouse. The working of this piece of software will seem to you that you press the mouse button for a specific time but in reality, it’s not. When you rotate the mouse hold, the clicking is done anywhere on the screen which is also known as dynamic clicking.

So this is also termed an auto mouse holder, which makes the work easy for people, who are used to frequent clicking. The auto clicker holder works best and meets your work demand flawlessly. It protects its users from muscular strain and stress. You can use it either way by activating it in your system or you can download a program from the browser.

Activating the Click Lock to Turn on the Auto Click Holder

The click lock is a by-default feature of the window which usually locks the left button of the mouse after your single click. If you want to do multiple functions on the computer such as dragging the icon, selecting the text, and other tasks, you must have to activate the auto click holder. Go through the following steps for enabling the click lock:

  • Open the control panel by typing it on the start button.
  • You will see the option mouse properties click on it.
  • Then go for the Button tab
  • Tick the box right to the option of turning on click lock
  • Then press the button Ok.

Activating the Click Lock to Turn on the Auto Click Holder

How to Use the Click Lock?

The next step after turning on the feature of click lock is how to use it.  In the first step, Click and hold the button of your mouse. It will lock your click. To release your click, click the mouse button again. A specific holding time period for the mouse button can be set in the click lock option.

How to Set the Time Duration for the Click Lock?

The time duration option will be in the setting of click lock.

  • On clicking the setting option, a pop-up appears.
  • The option to move the sliding bar either left for short or right for the long option will be given to you. Your holding time is short for choosing shorts and vice versa.
  • So you can follow the adjusted time period for locking your click.

Why Is There a Need to Activate the Click Lock?

You can understand its usefulness from this simple example. For example, if you want to scroll down a long document or highlight a text what will you do?

Up and Down Scrolling

Obviously, you will use the click lock by holding down the mouse’s left button for a few seconds and then releasing it. You don’t have to press the mouse button further and your document will scroll up and down automatically by the movement of your mouse.

Text Highlighting

You can highlight the selected text by pressing the left button on the text for a few seconds and then release it. Your text will start highlighted automatically and then you can release the button to stop the highlighting. This feature will make tasks for laptops and touchpad users easy, especially while doing work on a notepad.


When you click and hold the left button for a while, the default-in auto mouse holder will activate by turning on the click lock option. You can unlock the click lock by going into the control panel. This feature will prove helpful in doing various types of work apart from gaming.


1. How do I activate my auto clicker?

  • You can either go to the time at the right corner of the screen and you can also press the Alt+Shift+s
  • Select Advanced from setting
  • In the accessibility option, select the manage accessibility feature
  • Turn on the option,  “Automatically click when the mouse cursor stops”.

2. How do I get my auto clicker to hold the click?

If you want to get an auto clicker then activate the click lock in the control panel. You can use it by holding the click for a defined time frame. You can press the left button for a while and then release it, your click lock will be activated.

3. How Do I get my mouse to click automatically?

You can download the application from the web or change the settings in your window. As some windows have built-in auto clickers which on enabling will give you an automatic click.

4. How do I turn off the auto clicker?

For turning off the auto clicker feature:

  • Make a right-click on the start button.
  • Select the properties and then go for customizing option in the start menu.
  • Then move down and uncheck the button next to the option open submenus when I pause on them with the mouse pointer.

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