How to Click Faster Without Jitter Clicking?

How to Click Faster Without Jitter Clicking?

Fast clicking is essential for various reasons. Mainly it is required in gaming, where you have to click multiple times in just a few seconds. There are multiple ways through which you can double click. These include drag clicking, jitter clicking, Butterfly clicking, etc.

Some people often avoid jitter clicking as the consequences of using it long-term can be harmful. It forces you to make movements that can hurt your hand and wrists if you do it for an extended period. But there are other ways you can improve your clicking speed. Following are a few of them:

1. Use a Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice are generally the best for increasing your clicking speed. They have better response times irrespective of your grip. This is because they have sensors with a higher polling rate, which enhances the click speed.

The normal mice we use have a response time of 4ms to 6ms. Gaming mice can go even low as 0.2ms in some instances.

2. Try Playing Mouse Clicking Games

Mouse Clicking

Mouse clicking games can help a lot to increase. The basic concept of the mouse clicking games is to increase your speed. The more practice you do and the time you spend on them, the better your clicking time will be.

Playing games click per second test is also fun. And you can even compare your speed to other users worldwide and see how quickly you can click.

3. Try Auto Clicking Software

Auto Clicking

Auto clickers can be easily found online. There are tons available on the internet that you can download for free. Auto clickers can let you set the pace and number of clicks you want in a specific amount of time. Auto clickers allow you to obtain speeds that are not even humanly possible. But it must be noted that if you want to increase the click speed for a particular game using auto-clicking, you might get banned as they are not allowed in certain games and software. In such games, use precautions to avoid any penalty.

4. Practice Drag Clicking

drag clicking

Drag clicking is by far the fastest clicking method. It is exactly what you think it is. This method of clicking fools the mouse into recording additional mouse clicks by dragging the finger across the right or left keys firmly.

Drag-clicking does not guarantee that you will suddenly advance to a high CPS rate and become a competitive player. But gradually, with practice, you can be really good at it.


These were some of the most popular and effective ways through which you can increase your mouse clicking speed. However, there are other ways as well. You can try different grips, especially those that suit your hand, so it doesn’t get strained. When your hand is comfortable, you will be able to click faster.

But the best thing is to practice as much as possible because, after all, practice makes you perfect. You might even be able to hit click speeds that you were never able. To get the desired outcome, try to practice.

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