Fix Double Clicking of Corsair Harpoon

How to Resolve Corsair Harpoon Double Click Issue?

If you’re a gamer, you would have an idea of how easily simple mice can get damaged with frequent clicking. Professional gamers prefer using a gaming mouse to tolerate tremendous clicking pressure. Corsair Harpoon is one of the many renowned gaming mice as it is both comfortable and lightweight. Moreover, it has a long-lasting functionality and is durable.

Nevertheless, gamers sometimes may experience the issue of double-clicking with the Corsair Harpoon. It may sometimes double-click without the user doing anything, destroying one’s entire gaming experience. Here we will look at the reasons, diagnosis, and solutions to the double-clicking problem.

Causes Behind Double-Clicking

Before heading to the solutions, we need to know the cause of double-clicking. Here are some of the most common reasons.

1. Outdated Drivers

If your Corsair mouse drivers are outdated or expired, you may face the double-clicking issue.

2. Updates Aren’t Installed

New firmware updates are offered occasionally; if you forgot to install the latest ones, your mouse may malfunction and make double clicks.

3. Issues with the System

In some cases, if your USB port is affected, your system will not function correctly, leading to the double-clicking problem. Applications running in the background can also interfere with the functionality of the mouse and cause double-clicking.

3. Wrongly Connected Peripherals

Sometimes, if you have connected the mouse to the wrong port, the double-clicking issue may arise. Always make sure to attach this mouse to a USB 3.0 port. Moreover, adding peripheral devices such as a joystick may also cause this issue.

Diagnosing the Double-Clicking Issue in Corsair Harpoon

There are several ways to figure out why a double-clicking Corsair Harpoon mouse is used. Here are some of the ways to diagnose the problem.

1. Running a Double-Clicking Test

While a double-clicking mouse issue is quite visible, confirm it by trying a double-clicking test for your confirmation.

2. Shifting the Mouse Port

Sometimes, ports can become non-functional over time, preventing the mouse to work properly in your games. Try connecting your mouse to every port of your device. If the issue resolves, it means that the port you had attached the mouse to was dysfunctional. Try the other methods given below if the problem doesn’t resolve here.

3. Connecting with Other Systems

If the problem still isn’t resolved, try connecting the mouse to any other device or system to see if it works. This method will let you know the cause behind the problem, whether it’s the mouse or your system that makes double clicks.

4. Connecting with the Port USB 3.0

Most people have found the issue of double-clicking to be resolved when connecting it to a USB 3.0 port. For most players, this method has worked, making the mouse function without any issues.

How to Get Rid of the Double-Clicking Issue with Corsair Harpoon?

Now that you have an idea about the causes of double-clicking and how it is diagnosed, we can head to the solutions to the issue. Here are some of the ways you can resolve the double-clicking issue with the Corsair Harpoon mouse.

1. Updating Your Drivers

Your system hardware needs to be updated with new drivers over time because when a driver expires, it no longer works properly. If you want the drivers to be updated automatically, you can set the automatic update option for upgrading the system’s mouse drivers. For the proper functioning of your mouse, you need to get your hands on the latest drivers.

2. Close Background Apps

On our laptops and desktops, multiple applications run in the background as we work or play. These applications aren’t always compatible with your PC’s components, leading to conflicts and problems. In this case, double-clicking may arise when other apps interfere with the functioning of your mouse. So, one way to avoid double-clicking is to close all the background applications on your device.

3. Install Latest Firmware

Having the updated firmware is a must if you want your mouse to function smoothly. To get the latest firmware update on your device, follow the steps below.

  • First off, go to ICUE settings and go to the Corsair mouse option.
  • You will see the update option here. Click on that.
  • Next, click on the “Force update” option to complete the installation
  • Within the next few minutes, ICUE will update your system’s firmware.
  • Now see if your mouse double-clicking issue is resolved. Move ahead if the issue persists.

4. CUE Software

Double mouse-clicking issues may also occur if the iCUE software isn’t working. To solve the issue, many recommended uninstalling and reinstalling the CUE software. Following are the steps.

  • Press the “Window + R”
  • The dialogue box “Run” will open. Here you should type in the search bar “Control Panel”.

Control Panel

  • From here go to program and feature.
  • From the list CUE, uninstall it.

CUE Program

  • Now, delete every file relating to this software.
  • For this type “%appdata%” in the dialogue box search bar. Then click ok.
  • Open the folder, and select the Corsair folder. Delete it.
  • Then write “%localappdata%” for the third time and click enter.

Local app data

  • Remove all folders and files linked to corsair from the utility engine of corsair in your drive.
  • For the final time, type “Regedit” in the dialogue box.


  • Then copy and paste HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software in the registry window and open the address.
  • Then delete the corsair folder.

Delete Corsair

  • Finally, restart your PC.


When compared with other products, Corsair is one of the best options for gaming mice used by professional gamers. Using this mouse, gamers can easily enjoy and play their games. The double-clicking issue that sometimes arises with Corsair mouse can easily be resolved using the methods above. Other than the solutions to the issue, we have also covered the causes and diagnosis. If your case isn’t resolved, you are free to contact the customer support service with your relevant concern. If your mouse falls within the warranty, you can get the mouse replaced. We hope the methods above help you Corsair Harpoon double-clicking issue.

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