Butterfly Click Test

Butterfly Click Test | Good Grip Technique 2022

The CPS or click speed test determines how fast a person can click. There can be lots of clicking methods that can be used. Ordinary clicking is how much a person can click for normal things like turning on an application while a Kohi click test allows a person to only measure clicks for 10 seconds; it allows the user to achieve a CPS score without losing the aim. Drag click uses the friction between a person’s muse and finger to ensure 100s of clicks in just seconds. Lastly, Jitter clicking involves shaking your arm muscles to your wrist to achieve twice as many clicks as possible.

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What is the Butterfly Click Test?

The butterfly click test allows a person to get maximum clicks per second. It is by far the fastest clicking method once you are good at it. It is achieved by clicking on the mouse very fast with two fingers. It involves the index and middle finger clicking on the mouse thus achieving more clicks per second. This click speed test is far easier to learn as well. 

This clicking method in particular, was discovered when gamers were using or applying different techniques on the mouse hence the butterfly clicking was discovered.

Butterfly Clicking

How is it different from the traditional click speed test?

The butterfly clicking technique is very different from traditional clicking methods. It once mastered, gives 26 CPS which is quite a lot. What makes it different is at this speed there are no vibratory hand motions or use of fingers.

You can find a difference between jitter clicking and butterfly clicking.

Why is butterfly clicking speed so essential?

The butterfly clicking speed has become quite popular and is being used by most gamers nowadays. Due to these reasons, it has become quite essential with the demand of learning it from most gamers. An ordinary player cannot achieve clicking as fast as what the butterfly clicking technique offers, thus players who know this technique have a clear advantage over those who do not.

How does the butterfly Click test work?

There are many CPS butterfly testers available for practice to master the clicking technique. Many players make use of them to perfect their skills and become pro butterfly clickers.

How to butterfly click in Minecraft?

A few techniques and attention can help you achieve a perfect way of butterfly clicking Minecraft. For Minecraft, you must be in full control of the mouse. To hold your mouse and fully control it, keep your thumb and pinky to both sides securely holding it in place, you will have more control over it. Your index and middle finger will be used to consistently click alternatively not stopping. This trick may require a little practice but you should know how to butterfly click faster.

How can you measure or know your butterfly click speed?

Butter fly Click

Many players keep testing themselves or practicing to become pro at butterfly clicking. This easy step-to-step guide will achieve the purpose of knowing your clicking speed.

  1. Type in ‘butterfly click tester’ on a search engine and click on the website you find relevant.
  2. There would be a guide on where to butterfly click to start testing yourself.
  3. Make sure while clicking you are using the butterfly clicking technique which is using two fingers and speed clicking with them alternatively.
  4. There would be a timer showing along the area you are required to click, keep clicking.
  5. Stop once the timer stops to view your butterfly click speed record just after you are done.

Where does an average user stand in comparison to the world record holder?

Players do post their results on public platforms. It is quite clear how competition is rising very high in butterfly speed testing. Dylan Allred who originates from Las Vegas has made the record for most clicks in 10 seconds. The number is 1051 times. In comparison to the world record a user on average clicks 15- 20 times per second. The world record is 105.1 clicks per second! The butterfly click test is all about practice and aim, the more you focus and practice the better you will be able to achieve.

Try to make your record by practicing clicking in 5 seconds.

How to Click on Butterfly Click Test Very Quickly?

There are a few tips and butterfly click test hacks that can be applied to become a pro butterfly clicker.

  • The best way of achieving anything is to have the best quality material to be able to do that, the best mouse for clicking that can be used to achieve your purpose is the Glorious Model O or the Glorious Model D.

Best mouse for butterfly clicking

  • The best way to achieve this way of clicking is to concentrate fully on the task at hand, concentration and focus are key.
  • Make sure your fingers are placed correctly, and you are comfortable.
  • Keep practicing from online CPS tests and by playing games such as Minecraft to increase your ability.
  • A software produces automatic clicks for games. It is known as auto-clicks. Auto-clickers simply play well through this software.


  • Is butterfly clicking dangerous?

No, out of all the clicking techniques this is the easiest and safest one. 

  • How to butterfly click using a small mouse?

Yes, it can be done on any mouse you are comfortable with.

  • Can butterfly clicking be done through any mouse?

Butterfly clicking can indeed be done through any mouse however, some mouse companies have blocked this technique. 

  • Can butterfly clicking be done on hypixel?

Yes, it can be done, however, don’t click about 20 CPS or hypixel might falsely ban you.

  • How to set up the mouse to butterfly click?

The mouse will be to be set up in a way that both your fingers are placed correctly and comfortably and there is a gap between your fingers.

  • Why can’t I butterfly click consistently?

You may not be able to click due to not putting your fingers in a correct position you’re your fingers are not yet trained to do it. Correct your position and practice more.

  • How to butterfly click on mouse pad?

The best way is to use the whole pad and also use your palm to move the mouse, this technique is called how to butterfly click and aim, and get really fast clicks on the way. The mouse pad won’t create a problem.

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