5 Ways To Increase Your Click Per Second Rate in 2022

Clicking action has always been found in every gamer. Remember shooting guns and winning a prize. It’s all about how fast can you move your finger for the action. Tables have turned around now.

We are here to help you with the most asked query “How to click faster?” So, let’s begin!

People play online to get the fastest clicks in 5 seconds or even seconds. Imagine getting higher clicking juts in seconds. Now that’s an achievement.

The highest click speed test per second has been recorded 16 CPS.

It seems unreal but one can achieve it by practicing and following some technique.

Learn Techniques

Techniques that can increase the action of your muscles can get you the fastest clicking speed. Several techniques on the internet involve finger muscle spasms to perform faster in clicking games. Butterfly clicking and jitter clicking are famous among all. In jitter clicking your mouse will click faster than regular clicking.

Click Per Second Test NowButterfly clicking is a double-clicking technique. Where two of your finger is on the left click button.

Kohi click speed test determined the ratio of your clicks which can help you know the ratio to improve it further.

Gaming Mouse

As long as you’re voluntary finger action is concerned do not neglect the power of your mouse. Buy the best mouse by considering the important mouse features. There is a specially designed gaming mouse to click faster while playing games.

It is recommended over laptop cursor due to the hand and finger positioning which according to the science involved can get you the fastest click per second.

Adjust the speed of your mouse and adjust the sensitivity according to your need and practice.

Positioning of Hands

The more accurately your fingers are placed the easier it is for your hand to manage.

  • Relax your muscles. Tension in muscles can make you do the wrong move
  • Place your fingers near the mouse, making it far away can be trouble. It will be difficult for you to click faster.
  • Be gentle with the mouse don’t put too much pressure on it that can slow the speed of your clicks due to friction.
  • Have a good grip on the mouse, relaxing your mind can get you the best grip.

Practice Clicking

There is an old saying practice makes a man perfect. Practice makes clicking speed faster. The click per second test is a fun way as it is done in the shortest time that is 1 second which makes it more interesting.

Usually, players consider it unfair for a short time but that’s the charm of it. This practice can help you in a pressurized situation. There is much online software that can help you practice your clicking speed. The average click is between 8-10 clicks per second

Actions Per Second

It’s action per second. The more right action you will perform the higher clicks you will achieve. It is related to every keystroke and mouse click.

It’s a real-time game and its importance is judged by real actions by the players. Wrong actions even though quickly executed doesn’t give you any better results. The win in ration with the actions. The right actions will only lead you to win.

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