8 Things To Consider Before Buying A Mouse For Clicker Game

8 Things To Consider Before Buying A Mouse For Clicker Game

Gaming has developed into a passion these days and everyone loves to explore the best online and offline games. If you ask anyone from the gaming hub they will tell you how important a computer and its components are to have the best gaming experience. If you want to increase your clicking speed you can consider click speed test in 10 seconds, and also practice clicking in 5 seconds, 100 seconds, and many more

Keeping in mind the exponential advancements in the field of IT and computer sciences, we are compelled to consider the newest functional computer parts for the supreme experience. However, only a professional gamer will tell you about the key player here.

You can also learn how to click faster while playing games.

The mouse many of you may have thought it to be the keyboard, but the mouse has the upper hand. In this text, you will learn how to buy an ideal mouse!

Differentiating Between the Types!

Many types of mice roam the markets. Some are ideal for traveling purposes, some are ranked higher due to success in click speed tests, and others are worthy because of being ergonomic. You need to access the gaming mouse that can help you play for hours without straining your muscles. Gaming a mouse helps you to click more faster than any other mouse.

Dots Per Inch Analysis

Always ask the retailer about how far the mouse will move in a click. Going for a higher DPI is only ideal if you are controlling multiple screens simultaneously. On the contrary, lower DPI mice confer control and effectiveness that makes it a supreme choice for gamers.

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Polling Rate

This tells you about the quantification of mouse reporting. In simpler words, how many times the mouse has reported its place or position to the computer. It is measured in seconds. This along with the clicking speed determines the accuracy and precision of the mouse.

Here you find a review for a gaming mouse that helps you to click faster.

Types of Mice

The two main types are known as optical and LASER. Laymen confuse these two as alternate terms for one item that is not the case. Optical mice utilize a light source or an LED at the bottom, which reflects off to show its position. However, LASER mice work on the advanced technology of Laser beams. The latter, being more innovative, works better and on a wide surface range.


Gaming calls for abrupt and strong movements. When you are in the middle of a game you have no idea how hard are you pulling or moving around the mouse. To help prevent the damage, wireless mice have entered the arena. Wireless mouse is better than the wired mouse.

Further Characterization

Considering that you are buying a wireless mouse, what should be your priority, the RF, or the Bluetooth? Bluetooth has emerged as the best solution for wired problems, however, RF seems to more responsive than the former one.

Actual Structure

Some mice are harder to use for hours due to their hard design. Computer scientists bring to us a new and softer mouse design in no time. Smaller, lightweight, and easier to navigate mice work extremely well for gamers.

Click speed

Gaming requires an ultra-quick click response. You can control the click/second through your mouse settings but there is a threshold for the minimum and maximum count. Click speed tests categorize different mice having the fastest-slowest speed.

Click Per Second Test NowFind Out How You Can Increase Your Click Speed Per Second

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