Why Do Gamers Have More Clicking Speed Than Normal Users

Why Do Gamers Have More Clicking Speed Than Normal Users

The mouse is a hardware input device that is handheld and use to manage the cursor on the flat screen of a computer in order to operate it.

Computer games have modified a lot as the computers and hardware and software themselves have. The games that are played on a regular PC have a regular mouse with regular functions.

On a regular PC, you usually use a simple mouse that helps you operate but for gamers, the type of mouse that they use is very significant. Can A Better Mouse Make Someone a Better Clicker?

CPS Apps

The computer games Minecraft, taken series or black ops are not regular games thus they need sufficient clicking speed to win a game. Here you can consider a gaming mouse that can help you to click fast than another mouse.

Some gamers are naturally gifted, and they tend to keep up with the gaming mouse speed and clicking speed in the game, but others are not.

For that purpose, the gamers usually use Click per second online tests or apps to increase their clicking speed.

CPS software helps the gamer achieve good clicking speed and good aim thus, no wonder why gamers have more clicking speed. our CPS software is best to check how fast you can click. You can consider the 5-second click test, 100-second click test, 60-second click test, and many more to consider.

Techniques For Clicking

The gamers not only use the CPS for enhanced clicking speed but also there are different techniques of clicking as well.

The types of clicking include regular clicking, butterfly clicking, drag clicking, jitter clicking, and auto clicker.

Regular clicking is used by all the normal users but butterfly, drag, and jitter clicking is used by gamers and it enhances their clicking speed.

Butterfly Clicking

For butterfly clicking, the users put their two fingers on the left side button on the mouse. The palm controls the movement of the mouse and the thumb provides support.

The two fingers on the left click button click in a way that when one finger clicks other is in the air.

This clicking is done very fast and takes time to master.

Jitter Clicking

The jitter clicking technique is also used by professional gamers. The Click per second speed is quite high in Jitter Click Test and most gamers prefer this technique but it is also difficult to master. This method can also sometimes lead to injury.

In this technique, the gamers strain the muscles of their arms that produce or trigger vibrations in their whole arm and fingers. Then the vibrations occur the clicks will automatically happen on the mouse.

The speed of the clicks depends upon the speed and frequency of the vibration in the arm and fingers. You can also get some help from a gaming mouse review for fast clicking.

Other than practicing gaining more speed the gamers also use a particular gaming mouse in order to have an efficient and smooth experience because the normal mouse is not as smooth in its application.

The gaming mice come with specific features that gamers like while playing games. The gaming mice come with being more responsive, good sensor quality, highly precise, and good battery life.

You can also consider the difference between Jitter Clicking and Butterfly Clicking.

Click Per Second Test Now

The Normal users of the mouse do not usually need the speed that gamers require for playing games, so they do not make an effort to have more clicking speed by practicing or by learning any techniques.


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