Clicks in 21 Second

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Clicking games have increasingly become popular in recent years, with the youth taking more and more interest. While some people play idle games like Minecraft, cookie clicker, etc., others enjoy playing the CPS test. Click pers second test is a unique tool to help you check your clicking speed and improve it. Here is all you need to know about the click speed test for 21 seconds.

What is 21-Second CPS test?

Do you want to figure out how fast can you click in 21 seconds? This CPS test is an interesting tool that helps you discover your clicking speed in a time limit of 21 seconds. The CPS test is a fun game that is not limited to a particular age group. Adults, as well as children, will have fun taking this test. This timer of 21 seconds is excellent for practicing clicking, building stamina, and training your muscles for clicking for a longer time.

Why Do You Need a 21-Second Click Test?

Contrary to what people may believe, the cps clicker software is a valuable tool that you can use for different purposes. While the 5 or 10-second click test is the ideal time for checking your fastest clicking speed, the 21-second click test is best for practicing and training your muscles to get better at clicking. You can shoot and aim faster to defeat your enemies and win your games by practicing clicking speed. If you’re curious to know how many clicks you can make, you can also use this tool to test your clicking speed in 21 seconds.

You need 21 clicks per second for the following purposes.

  1. This test helps you relax and stay calm.
  2. It can help you increase your clicking speed with unlimited resets
  3. You can play and compete with other players to make a world record
  4. You can get better at aiming and shooting games
  5. It helps you know where you stand in the world records

How to Measure Clicks in 21 Second?

To measure your mouse clicks in 21 seconds, follow the few below steps.

  • Go to the top of the page to check your clicking speed.
  • To start your click test, click on the “start” button.
  • As soon as you press this button, the counter will start.
  • Now start clicking as fast as you can and keep clicking till the timer ends.
  • When 21 seconds ends, the tool will show the results. It includes your average clicking speed and the total number of clicks.
  • If you aren’t satisfied with the results, you can retake the test to get your best score. This is one of the best places to make mouse button clicks to test your clicking speed.

World Record for Mouse Clicking

The world record has been set for the most clicks in 10 seconds. Ben Hughes set this from Great Manchester, England, who had clicked the mouse 121 times in just 10 seconds, setting the world record on 22nd June 2009. There is no world record for the highest clicks in 21 seconds, so why don’t you set this world record? Practice your clicking to get better and good enough to make the next clicking world record.

Tips for Increasing Mouse Clicking Speed

If you wish to increase your clicking speed, please follow these tips and tricks. Use these and boost your clicking speed.

  • Try different clicking techniques like butterfly clicking, jitter clicking, and drag clicking.
  • Use a gaming or regular mouse rather than the mousepad of the laptop.
  • Practice clicking with our 21 second CPS test.
  • Play with our tool for maximum time to train your muscles for clicking.
  • Get a gaming mouse and set the sensitivity settings according to each game’s requirements.


1. Is 10 CPS a good score?

10 CPS is a very good score because the average score is 6 cps. If you can get a score above 8cps, it means you can click faster than most people.

2. What’s the fastest CPS score in 1 second?

The fastest CPS score in 1 second was recorded as 16CPS. However, this is a very high score; you can beat it if you practice well enough. To get better at clicking you can follow the different tips and tricks given above.

3. What’s the best CPS score in 21 seconds?

As yet, there is no best CPS score set for 21 seconds. If you want to make the record for a 21 seconds CPS test, keep on practicing till you get there.

4. What is the average CPS score for a gamer?

An average person can make about 6 to 7 clicks in a second. If you practice harder, you can easily get above this and reach 9 to 10 clicks in a second.