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What is Click Speed Testing?

Click speed testing determines the number of mouse clicks a user can achieve within a given timeframe. In this particular test, the counter will show how many times you can click in 40 seconds.

It is quite common to ponder upon your clicking speed and how fast a person can complete a number of mouse clicks. Click speed testing games are developed so that the user can test their clicking speed as well as improve it by practicing continuously. Many users adapt to clicking techniques such as butterfly clicking, jitter clicking, or drag clicking, etc. to achieve faster clicking and score better.

Why is Click Speed Testing Important?

CPS is important as it is becoming a need for people interested in gaming. Many gaming applications such as Minecraft require users to click speedily. Other than that, it is also important in daily computer usage to achieve tasks much quicker. Click speed testing itself has become a well-loved game in which users from all around the world are playing and competing with each other.

Many play it for a good number of hours daily to achieve higher clicks per second and set new records. While numerous users play the game to relax their minds by speed clicking. This particular 40-second click game is important for you to determine how fast can you click in 40 seconds.

How Can you Measure Mouse Clicking Speed?

To measure your clicking speed in 40 seconds and set new records you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Open the 40 seconds CPS test.
  2. A ‘click here’ button will be displayed in front of you. Click on the button to start the click speed 40-second test.
  3. Once you start the click button, the timer, as well as the click counter, will be shown to notify you about the given time.
  4. Keep clicking as fast as you can in 40 seconds until it shows that time is up.

Once the test is over your result for most mouse clicks in 40 seconds will be shown telling the number of clicks you have achieved per second. You can save the result to compare with more 40 seconds click challenge. If you want to practice more and get better at the click speed test in 40 seconds, click the restart button and test yourself again.

What is the World Record for Click Speed Testing?

It is hard to believe but people have made world records in click speed testing. They have set the bar very high for users by practicing and constantly improving scores thus giving tough competition to other users. The world record in click speed testing for 1 second in 14.1 according to google. While in accordance with the world record the average clicks per second a user does is 6.66.

Effective Tips to Improve Mouse Clicking Speed

Here are some effective tips that can help you achieve better clicks per 40 seconds and give tough competition to other mouse clickers.

  • The position of your hand matters a lot. Click very lightly, not applying too much pressure as it may cause the mouse to slide out of position or slow your clicking speed. A good grip on the mouse will make sure it does not slide out of your hands.
  • Keep your hands relaxed and fingers near the mouse at all times, not taking it very far away between clicks. 
  • Use a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse is designed to help achieve faster clicks as well as relaxes your hand.
  • Put your palm on the table as it will result in your hand staying more stable thus achieving faster clicks. 
  • The best way to achieve faster clicks is to use an auto clicker, many auto clickers are available for free to use. However, some games do not appreciate auto-clickers. 
  • Use different clicking techniques such as the shake click in with the user vibrating their right hand to generate much more mouse clicks thus achieving a high CPS score. 
  • Other clicking techniques such as jitter clicking or butterfly clicking will require some practice but will eventually help achieve higher scores. Techniques like these involve rapid finger muscle spasms to click faster.
  • If you are using a laptop do not use its touchpad, use a mouse. This is because the hand position on a mouse is much better than on a touchpad.
  • Playing certain games also improves your clicking speed. Games like Minecraft require a quick clicking speed thus training a user to click faster. 


1. Is it necessary to use a gaming mouse for click speed testing?

A gaming mouse helps achieve the task faster and more efficiently as it is designed for gaming purposes. However, any other mouse can also be used.

2. Which gaming mouse is best for click speed testing?

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is best for click speed testing. It is the best possible option for jitter clicking as well.

3. How to aim while jitter clicking?

While jitter clicking places your hand at the sides of the mouse to move it. With a little practice, you will be able to click faster.

4. How is clicking speed measured?

Clicking speed is measured by counting the number of mouse clicks done in each second.

5. What is the average CPS in one second?

The average CPS in 1 second is 6.51.

6. Is auto-clicking illegal?

The auto-clicking software does not break any law thus making it 100% legitimate software that does not contain any malware.

7. Is auto-clicking safe?

Although auto clicking is not illegal it is often considered cheating to use in a game which might get a user banned as it is unfair to other users who are clicking manually.

8. Does clicking faster give a strain injury?

This is a huge misconception as it does not give any strain injury.

9. How many clicks per second is fast?

15 to 20 clicks per second is considered fast.