How to get better at Minecraft PVP? | Best Minecraft PVP Tips 2021

How to Get Better at Minecraft PVP? | Best Minecraft PVP Tips

Minecraft is a sandbox where the major portion of the game is player versus player competition. In Minecraft there are two types of games, one is a survival game and the other is creative. This game box is popular because it is a mixture of different elements of survival, crafting, and combating. That is why its name is the combination of two words to mine and to craft. To mine means punching something and craft means having the skills to make something.

Minecraft and Clicking Speed

Minecraft PVP and Clicking Speed

You might be thinking that why Clicking Speed Matters in Minecraft? Here’s your answer!  The clicking speed of the player should be very fast for playing Minecraft games. There is a significant relationship between Minecraft games and clicking speed software. The games in Minecraft are such types that require frequent clicking. Only this is the way by which you can save yourself from the enemy during combat. That is why players who are interested in Minecraft games also take interest in mouse-clicking speed software. They play on different mouse clicking speed software to increase their speed of clicking.

Install Minecraft

Are you confused about how to install Minecraft mods or looking for some Minecraft installer?

Here are following steps that you will follow while installing Minecraft. There are two modes of Minecraft: free trial and java edition. The methods of installing these two modes are different.

Java Edition

  • For PC and laptop, go to and click on the java edition of Minecraft.
  • A list of different platforms comes. Select the platform on which you are going to be.
  • For Windows there are two options of games to purchase; one is Java and the other is Windows 10.
  • You can select according to your need
  • Then the second option which appears is which collection you want.
  • A starter collection or a master collection
  • Choose and make the payment
  • Now download and install and start playing.

Free Trial

  • If you want to install a free trial of Minecraft, then here is the procedure.
  • Open the browse and search its free trial
  • There are three options that come with a free trial version
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Playstation
  • Select which one you want, then you will reach the Microsoft store by the website.
  • You will see a purchase option on the screen. Below this option, you will see a free trial option as well.
  • Then login into the free trial option for playing free.

Minecraft Color Codes

Minecraft Color Codes

There are different colors that are used in Minecraft as a code in the coding system. Following are some of the codes and their colors in Minecraft.

Color name Chat code MOTD code HEX code
Black §0 \u00A70 #000000
Dark blue §1 \u00A71 #0000AA
Dark green §2 \u00A72 #00AA00
Dark aqua §3 \u00A73 #00AAAA
Dark red §4 \u00A74 #AA0000
Dark purple § \u00A75 #AA00AA
Gold §6 \u00A76 #FFAA00
Gray §7 \u00A77 #AAAAAA
Dark gray §8 \u00A78 #555555
Blue §9 \u00A79 #5555FF
Green §a \u00A7a #55FF55
Aqua §b \u00A7b #55FFFF
Red §c \u00A7c #FF5555
Light purple §d \u00A7d #FF55FF
Yellow §e \u00A7e #FFFF55
White §f \u00A7f #FFFFFF

Chat Code: the color used for chat code in Minecraft indicates the chat. It is the internal code.
MOTD Code: color code for MOTD indicates the message of the day in Minecraft.
HEX Code: The color shows a hexadecimal value

How to play Minecraft PVP?

The quick way of playing Minecraft is to open the game, select the mode of the game and the player. If you select the crafting mode, then you will do the harvesting, search for shelter, make a craft box, tools, and weapons. The other mode of the game is survival mode. In this mode, you have to fight with enemies and win the battle.

Minecraft PVP Tips

These are the best basic tips which when you employ, you will become a master of the games. For getting a command on playing Minecraft, the first tip is to improve your clicking speed by using different software. There are different software available that will increase your mouse clicking speed and aiming as well. The best aiming and clicking speed will help you in winning the PVP game.

Minecraft pvp tips and tricks

Minecraft PVP servers and kits

There are different PVP Minecraft servers and kits available that help the players in gaming. These servers train the players in improving their skills. The players trained to get enough for playing the real games in Minecraft.

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Switching between the Option

While playing survival games, we have to switch between food, weapons, and tools. You need to practice a lot on a server and kits for the quick practice of switching between foods, tools, and weapons.

Fishing Rod

This feature of the game you must know when and how to use for effective gaming. Use your fishing rod to pull the players close and send them with a knockback with a sword.

The use of enchantment for winning the game

Most of the players win PVP either by using the diamond gear with protection and thorns. Like for a sword, the enchantment used is sharpness, fire. Similarly, the bow is used for playing at a distance effectively. The use of fire and infinity helps in taking down the enemies faster.

Stay away from a Fight

If you don’t want to fight, then put yourself into crouch mode. You can do this by holding the shift button on the keyboard. In this way you will walk slowly, you can’t fall off, and your name will be hidden from the enemy.

Change your Appearance

Use gold, diamond, and leather armour to show you are stronger in front of the enemies. You don’t have to carry a sword all the time after wearing this armour. The reason is you seemed to be very large and strong enough to the foes, and they ran away from you instead of fighting.

Tips for running away from opponents

When you want to run away from enemies, never turn around. Press F5 twice to see behind you while running and press one time to turn it back into a normal camera. Never jump and sprint while running as it will drain your energy. Never stop running and drop weapons to surrender yourself. It will give you nothing; instead, enemies will kill you. Don’t go into the water. In this way, you will move slowly and become an easy target. The last tip is never to try to climb high areas for escape. In this way, you protect yourself from falling damage.

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Five Best Mice used for Minecraft

There are some of the best options of mice that prove useful while playing the Minecraft PVP.

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Logitech G602 wireless mouse

Logitech G602

It has a good battery life of about 250 hours. This mouse has 11 customizable buttons and has 5 DPI settings. The DPI settings are programmable. There is no LED light and a sensor is present in it. It will work well for a long time when you will not supply it with power.

Razer Death Adder Essential

Razer Death Adder Essential

This mouse is ideal for professional players as it is very comfortable in use. It has an outstanding optical sensor with 6400DPI 4G. The five buttons are programmable and highly sensitive. It has a feature of a gold-plated USB connector. This mouse does not have any light effect, and the design is not very fancy. The mouse has durable buttons for switches.



It offers easy DPI adjustment. The design is so delicate and stylish that it is ideal for both right and left-hand users. For effective scrolling, it has the best scroll wheel. The presence of three buttons on this mouse makes it not suitable for professional gamers. The DPI of the mouse goes to 2000, and the light of the mouse is not adjusted.

Redragon M601

Redragon M601

This mouse is ideal for gaming and those who want a cheap mouse. This mouse has all characteristics that are required for gaming. The mouse is light in weight and easy to use. It has four different levels of DPI adjustment that start from 1000 and go to 3200. The mouse has six buttons from which only two are programmable.

Steelseries Rival 300

Steelseries Rival 300

The most striking feature of this mouse that makes it ideal is customizable options. You can set it according to your demand. The DPI adjustment ranges from 50 to 6500. The mouse can withstand 30 million clicks. The design is so delicate and sensitive as it has six programmable buttons, polling rate, angle snapping acceleration, and deceleration features. The sensors of the mouse are very impressive and have great software.

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  • What is the purpose of W tapping in Minecraft?
    By tapping the W button you will hit your opponent more frequently and badly
  • What is the use of optifine in Minecraft games?
    It helps in zooming during play. It increases your click per second and reduces your lag phase in the game.
  • What is the use of jitter clicking in it?
    In this game, jitter clicking is used for rapid clicking to win the game. As it increases your clicking speed
  • What is the strafing technique?
    This technique is used in-game by moving left and right to decrease your chance of hitting. In this way, you can dodge your opponents as well
  • What is the role of the function of sensitivity in this game?
    The settings of sensitivity will more your screen move in the fastest way according to the movement of your opponents to precise your aim on it.

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