Top 10 Best Clicker Games in 2022

Top 10 Best Clicker Games in 2022

These games are also known as idle or incremental games. These are some sort of test your speed games.  Some of the best clicker games that we can find in 2022 are as follows:

Adventure Capitalist

This is the game of an investment in the world of business where you play the role of an entrepreneur. You manage different businesses of a restaurant like making pizza, managing sports like hockey teams or movies etc.  The game starts with you owning a single lemonade stand but then making your mark in different businesses and earning profit.

Realm Grinder

You owe a small fantasy kingdom in this game. All you have to do it click on the realm and earn as many coins as you can so that you can spend that on different buildings which make profit that continue to produce money even when you are not online.

Cookie Clicker

It is a very fun game enjoyed by kids as well where you have to plant some of the cookies seeds, grow the cookies and sell by clicking at them at the market. The more you on earn, the better. Click speed matters a lot. You can practice clicking in 5 seconds in order to improve your clicking speed.

Clicker Heroes:

Its another game where you are a warrior and fight with the monsters.

Time Clickers

It is a game of blocks. You have to shoot the blocks that have currency on them. As soon as you attained those currency blocks you can use the money to buy different guns that can be used in for the levels.


In this game at different levels, you have to catch various things like butterfly, carrots etc. in order to create your own beautiful garden.


It is a very funny game that is in the need of some clicks in order to get one resource. Only one task can be played at one time which is why you are in quite a mess. In order to attempt most of the tasks, as soon as you progress you can meet Titular trimps, the small creatures that work as your employees. Click speed is significant here as well.

A Dark Room

It is another mysterious and fun game that can reveal information about the actual world you live in. It is quite an adventurous game where you have to go to different hurdles in solve the puzzles at the end to know some secrets.

Crusaders of The Lost Idols

This is most loved game where you can work as a leader of the fantasy heroes who are blocked by a pact of monsters. You engage yourself in a fight with the monsters and defeat them to earn gold and also promote your crusaders.


It is a crafting game but many more other skills are required. You have to engage yourself in a fight and build your base, use different kinds of materials in order to promote yourself to next levels.

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