Jitter Click Vs. Butterfly Click Which One is Better

Jitter Click Vs. Butterfly Click: Which One is Better

Gaming has always been a healthy sport. But now online games have caused chaos due to clicking. Players are practicing different techniques to gain maximum clicks in 5 seconds.

All the techniques are healthy until and unless players go crazy over them and damage their health.

Some rules can prevent you from damaging health and can get you good results in any technique.

Difference between Clicking

In jitter clicking you click fast while pointing your finger down, holding the mouse normally. It is considered a bit slower than butterfly clicking.

The average person jitter click in click speed test is between 10-15 clicks per second.

In this technique, you can click faster than normal clicking. A quick burst of clicking in a short period can get you a lot of clicks in seconds.

In butterfly click you point your finger more vertically while clicking fast, holding the mouse in one hand. The average person butterfly click speed test is between 10-15 clicks per second in between 15 to 20 clicks per second.

Check out how to butterfly click


The jitter click technique is used to get you maximum clicks in seconds which is, of course, the advantage of being a gamer.

Due to advancements in games like click games, the demand for these techniques has increased and become competitive digital support.

Whereas in butterfly click the player used both the fingers with multiple finger spams to achieve multiple clicks at a given period.

The two fingers provide a stronger control and are considered an efficient method. A player can easily score up25 clicks per second using this technique.


Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages. Whereas jitter clicking it can affect your health by tensing the button hard. There can be aggressiveness that can also cause health issues.

But butterfly click is considered to be controversial. It has also been banned in some areas due to the controversy.

Many online players do not accept this method and have banned mouse striking techniques.

Due to rapid usage and fast striking friction is produced and this friction is supposed to cause arthritis which is one of the main health issues.

Why Jitter Clicking?

Due to advancements in online games, the demand for clicking has reached the next level.  This technique is all about controlling your hand. The more vibration a hand makes in a short time the more efficient it gets in clicking.

With continued practice, one can achieve the goal easily without hurting the hand muscles. After one master the jet clicking then the jerking of the hand is not visible anymore.


One should always be considerate of his health. Gaming is supposed to be a healthy activity to get it on your nerves too much to cause you any serious issue.

Every technique should be practiced within limits keeping in mind that this is just a game. If you won’t be careful your median nerves can be compressed due to aggressive clicking.

Practice a few times a day is a healthy approach and you will see improvement in your performance.

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