5 Tips for Choosing The Best PC Mouse for Higher Click Rate

5 Tips For Choosing The Best PC Mouse For Higher Click Rate

The mouse is definitely one of the most important and significant components of your computer so whenever you think of updating your computer you must give a lot of thought to the mouse as well.

Not all the mouse you see in the market is the same therefore you must put your money on the best one.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind before buying a mouse.

This is why we have broken down five tips for you by choosing the best mouse for a higher click rate that will allow your mouse to pass a clicking speed test.

1. Pick The Mouse That Suits Your Need

Not everyone uses the computer for the same needs. Some use it for gaming while others utilize it for more technical reasons therefore your mouse should be suitable for your needs.

In case you are a gamer then you must invest in a gaming mouse which makes the long session of gaming easier. Gaming mice come with high-quality sensors since you may apply some pressure and repetitive clicking.

A good gaming mouse allows the job to be done with a single click.

2. Focus On How It’s Built.

The jitter clicking of a user is common, therefore while looking for a mouse you must know that the grip of the mouse is exceptional while you buy.

The smart and sleek design of the mouse most of all comfort and stability to the gamers and does not stain your fingers as well as providing a palm and claw grip to bear your jitter clicking.

3. Learn About The Optical Sensor

The mouse that is truly bagged with the optical center of 16,000 DPI is the mouse you want.  These mice are known to have unsurpassable velocity and accuracy to respond to your jitter clicking efficiently. You must have to know about the Optical Sensor of the mouse.

This feature of the mouse allows it to translate your clicking and hand movements accurately especially for gamers.

4. Wireless Mice

Wireless mice are known to be more responsive and advanced since there is no wire to hold them back. The built-in battery-saving technology allows such mice to last for several hours with a single charge allowing you with a higher click grade at your own convenience.

Users can customize the wireless mice according to their suitability and requirement

5. Learn About The Clicking Rate of a Mouse Before Buying

Many mice today I specifically made for gamers and their jitter clicking. If you are a gamer yourself you must be aware of how many clicks it takes for you to win a game in a day. This is why you must inquire about the features of the mouse and the click rate it has before buying it. You can also consider how to increase higher clicking rate.

For instance, the best mouse comes with a 30 million clicking rate maximum. This is why you should put a mouse to a clicking speed test which will allow you to learn more about its accessibility and click rate.

A mouse with a good high click rate provides the player with high actions per minute for you to play your competitive games without affecting the hardware.Click Per Second Test Now

Don’t forget to practice clicking in 5 seconds or 10 seconds and onwards to improve your clicking capability.


What is a good polling rate for mouse?

Mouse polling rate is the rate reporting its position. The polling rate is basically measured in terms of Hz. The latest mouse with the best polling rate is Razor’s new viper which is having the fastest polling rate upto 1000 hz

How to check the mouse performance online?

If you are unable to check the performance of a mouse while buying, you can go for different mouse rate checker that are available online. These mouse rate checkers would help you find out the best mouse for gaming.


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