How to Drag Click on a Glorious Model O?

How to Drag Click on a Glorious Model O?

Clicking is a simple task, but in some situations, like in playing games, it is difficult because we have to click vigorously. Professional gamers employ different types of clicking in drag clicking is one. As technology advances, mice are available in various sizes and modifications. Each mouse varies from the others based on its specifications. If you want drag clicking the Glorious Model O is the ideal mouse for this purpose. The drag clicking and remarkable features of the Glorious Model mouse will explain in detail below.

What is Drag Clicking?

How to Drag Click

As the name indicates, what type of clicking is it? It is a technique in clicking by which you can achieve maximum clicking speed in a limited time. When you perform drag clicking, you must slide your finger across the button from one to another. The friction present on the surface of the button will produce more clicking for you. Upon clicking, the vibration in the button due to friction makes you click to register more than one in the game. The professional gamers recommend this type of fast clicking as it gives you a clicking speed of 32 CPS, generating benefits for you.

Why is Glorious Model O Ideal For Drag Clicking?

The Glorious model is a specially designed mouse that can withstand the pressure of frequent clickings, such as drag clicking. The Glorious Model O was designed solely for gaming purposes. Following are written different specifications of glorious model O, which makes this mouse ideal for drag clicking.

Why is Glorious Model O Ideal For Drag Clicking?

1. Structure of Mouse

Its aesthetic appearance resembles a honeycomb, and the hollow structure keeps your hands free from sweat and keeps it cool. The sweaty hands reduce the clicking speed by making the surface slippery. The mouse gives an excellent grip to the users as it is ergonomic in shape.

2. Light in Weight

The lightweight structure gives a more significant number of precise clicking and will give you complete control over it. You can click like the auto clicker if you know the proper way to use it. It looks like a cordless mouse.

3. Short Lift-off

Lift-off is a point in the distance between the mouse from the mouse pad at which the mouse will not track your movement. Drag clicking is all about making vibrations by fast clicking so that every click can register more than one in your game. The slight lift-off of glorious model O detects and registers every one of your minor clicks.

4. Matte and Shiny Surface Option

The glorious model O is available in two forms based on its surface. The mouse is shiny and matte, but you can choose according to your need. If your hands are not sweaty after frequent use, you can use this mouse with a shiny surface. Otherwise, people who face sweating should select a matte surface of it.

Drag Clicking With Glorious Model O

Drag Clicking With Glorious Model O

The below guidelines will help you in drag-clicking with this mouse. Before you are going to use it, keep in mind some essential measures:

  • Make the surface of the mouse clean
  • Your hands must be dry
  • Hold the mouse with proper grip and position.
  • Your whole body posture should also be correct.

How to Proceed?

  • When you place the hand on the mouse, your middle and index finger should be on the left button of the mouse.
  • Move your finger on the mouse from back to front.
  • Make your finger glide at the end of the mouse button to achieve more clicks.
  • Based on gaming requirements, you can change the movement of your finger, such as stopping at the middle.

Drag Clicking in Games

We do drag-clicking in different games. For example, while playing Minecraft and Roblox, this type of clicking puts many blocks at one attempt during constructing buildings and bridges.


Drag clicking is one of the types of clicking in which you can generate a more significant number of clicks in a few seconds. Glorious Model O has proven the best mouse for rapid clicking. Professional gamers have recommended this mouse for high-speed clicking games. The overall honeycomb structure, less weight, and matte and glossy option make it highly suitable for drag clicking.

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