How Many Times Can You Click in 10 Seconds?

CPS or click speed tests determine the number of clicks you can achieve per second. Many clicks per second tests are available to check your clicking speed and perfect it by testing yourself repeatedly.

There are many reasons to check how many times you can click in 10 seconds.

Many games such as Minecraft or games on Roblox require the user to click fast repeatedly. This can only be achieved if the player is well practiced and fast in clicking.

Additionally, many computer tasks also require repeatedly clicking, thus making it essential to check how fast you can click per second.

What Are the Average Clicks in 10 Seconds?

A person, on average, can click up to 60 or 70 times in 10 seconds. Anything below this score would mean a low CPS rate and require practice. Achieving the 10-second average clicking score can be challenging if you are a beginner. However, with training and learning clicking techniques, you will be able to reach the average level in little time.

What is the World Record for Clicks in 10 Seconds?

According to the online data on Google, the world record for clicks in 10 seconds is 121 times by Ben Hughes. For beginners, this shocking score might seem challenging to achieve. However, with ample practice and dedication, this score can be beaten.

Tips on How to Click Faster?

Although many factors influence your clicking speed, there are always useful tips on improving your click speed to aim for better clicks in 10 seconds.

  • Use a gaming mouse: Gaming mice are specially designed to perform tasks such as performing mouse clicks at a fast rate. It’s evident that a better mouse can make you a better clicker. Razer Basilisk V3 is a good gaming mouse for a better CPS score. Read this helpful guide on what things to consider while buying a mouse for a clicking game. If you’re a core Fortnite player and want a dedicated mouse, we have a dedicated post on the best mouse for Fortnite.
  • Hold your mouse in the correct position, forming a claw-like grip. If you are not comfortable with that grip, hold it in a way you are satisfied to avoid tiring your hands. Because when your hands get tired, you can’t perform optimally and efficiently.
  • Use a mouse pad: this detail might seem unnecessary, however, your mouse needs to have a smooth surface to work finely.
  • Use auto clicker: Auto clickers perform automated clicks at the speed and time intervals you set. Auto clickers have minimal manual requirements, thus saving time as you can perform other tasks and not tire yourself out. However, some games do discourage their use.

Apply Different Clicking Techniques

Clicking techniques like jitter, drag, butterfly, and kohi clicking help achieve faster clicks.

  • Jitter clicking: Jitter clicking is achieved by gripping the mouse lightly and performing fast clicks by vibrating your wrist and arm muscles.
  • Drag clicking: Drag clicking is achieved by dragging your fingers across the mouse button from top to bottom. This leads to getting many clicks.
  • Butterfly clicking: Butterfly clicking is achieved by continuous and simultaneous clicking from your index and middle finger on both mouse buttons.

Final Words

A high CPS score is essential if you want to achieve better scores in gaming or want to set up new records in the CPS tests. Apply the tips provided to achieve the fastest clicking speed in 10 seconds.

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