Clicks in 27 Seconds

Are you the one who is losing the fighter shooting games just because of a slow clicking speed? Then stop losing the game and start elevating your clicking speed. Yes, it is just as easy as you heard.

There are a number of tests available online that can help you increase your clicking speed and then beat the others in the game next time. This 27 click speed test is basically a 27-second click challenge game that helps you to check your current clicking speed and increase it by practicing it.

Let’s see more about it!

Importance of CPS Test

You need to have a good clicking speed in many scenarios but it becomes necessary while playing the games. For example, you can’t win Valorant or Apex Legends if you have a slow clicking speed as these games are all dependent on how fast your clicking speed is.

Not only for these games but you must have played some shooting games once in your life as well. These shooting games also require you to have a nice clicking speed. Having a high clicking speed can help you win real-time strategy games, MOBO, and even Minecraft.

There are some companies that offer gaming competitions and they have a requirement of having a certain clicking speed to even apply for the test. So why not use our CPS Clicker Software to test your click speed in 27 seconds?

You may say that people with high clicking speed are lucky but that’s not the case, you can learn this skill by practicing our 27 seconds clicker.

CPS Test – How to Measure the Clicking Speed?

Let’s see how fast you can click with a 27-second clicker. This 27 Second CPS Test is all free to take in a particular time span of 27 seconds. Trust me, you will have fun and practice taking the test at the same time.

Measuring your mouse clicking speed is as easy as reading the below steps. Let’s see what these are:

  1. Scroll above and see the button saying ‘Click Me’.
  2. Click on it to start the test. Once the test starts, you will see a click per 27 seconds counter, continuously decreasing in seconds.
  3. Keep on hitting the mouse key continuously as fast as you can.
  4. This timer will stop when it reaches 0 seconds.
  5. See the clicking speed when the counter stops.

Woah! You have really done well on the first try. You may not have the fastest clicking speed on the first try. So, we don’t restrict you from using it again and again. Go on measuring your mouse click speed until you become skillful in it.

No matter, if you are just a ten-year-old kid or a 25-year professional gamer, you can take the test and practice for a constant high clicking speed.

Any guess about what clicking speed is better to have? What about the top record in different time frames? Basically, the websites keep a record of the people’s progress and share details about the highest scorer details. Let’s have a quick walkthrough of the world’s record.

Click Speed Test World Record

As we just explained above, the websites keep a check on who is breaking the records and beating others in clicking speed. These websites upload about the fastest clicker and their clicking speed. Let’s talk about the person who has the fastest clicking speed in minimum seconds.

Record setter is a website that uploads about the fastest clicking speed so far. The person’s name is Dylan Allred and he clicked his house for 1051 seconds in just 10 seconds. Dylan resides in Las Vegas and has exceptional clicking speed. Now you can compare your clicking speed in 10 seconds with Dylan’s clicking speed and see where you stand.

Similarly, there are some people who made a record of clicking the mouse button 830 times in just 30 seconds. Remember, it’s impossible to have the best clicking speed in just one try. You need to take this test again and again and practice it more.

This click tester is not just to measure our clicking speed but also is a fun game. You can play it when your friends are at your place and you just want to have a healthy competition with each other. You will really feel it, it gives you a feeling of freedom from your stress and enjoying the game. 

But you can increase your clicking speed. Let’s see how?

How to Improve Clicking Speed?

There are several ways that can help you to increase your clicking speed. Let’s see what are these techniques:

  • Always go over some different clicking techniques. For example, jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, etc.
  • Go to the settings on your PC and search for mouse settings. Increase the mouse sensitivity and see the change.
  • Buy a good mouse. If you are a gamer then try buying a specialized gaming mouse.
  • Practice mouse clicking speed tests more often.

Now you know all about clicking the speed test in 27 seconds. We recommend you to take this test and see how fast you can click.


1. What is the greatest CPS in 1 second?

The highest clicking speed per second is recorded to be 30 clicks.

2. What is Butterfly clicking?

Butterfly clicking is a method to increase the clicking speed. This clicking technique uses two fingers. One is your middle finger and the other is the index finger. You have to click the mouse with both fingers in an alternative manner. This clicking technique amazingly increases the clicking speed and helps to win the game.

3. What is the greatest CPS in 5 seconds?

The highest clicking speed per second is recorded to be 100 clicks.

4. What is Drag Clicking?

Drag clicking is an amazing technique when it comes to enhancing the clicking speed. All you have to do is to put the mouse on a scabrous or matte and drag your finger on the mouse button. This dragging will cause vibrations and so your clicking speed will increase more than the usual mouse clicking.

5. What is Kohi click?

Kohi click is a method to determine the clicking speed per second or the ratio of clicks per second. This clicking test is different from other tests and the reason is that this test is featured on the Minecraft server.