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The mouse double click test has become increasingly popular and necessary for a large audience. Many gamers, as well as software developers, rely on the speed of their mouse to play a certain type of game and while working on developing. As a result, the double click test provides a test to measure the speed of your mouse. Double click is needed to execute, for example opening an icon or highlighting something on the computer by quickly clicking it twice without moving your hand.

How does the double click test work?

In a double-click test, you keep clicking your mouse until your time is up. This way the speed of your clicking will be tested. Once your clicking is done the result will show how many clicks per second you have achieved. Many gamers make use of this test regularly to set a new goal each time to get better and better. By achieving an extremely high speed you can play certain types of games exceptionally well thus setting new records.

Steps to Attempt Double Click Test

The double click test is very easy to attempt however for many people it can get quite confusing. This step-to-step guide will aid you in doing the double click test better.

Take Mouse Double Click Test

  1. Open a good double-click tester on your PC.
  2. Set up the time in which you want to test yourself or you can go with the default timing.
  3. Once you are done setting up your hand on your mouse so that you have a firm grip and it is not moving or slipping. The ideal way is that your thumb and the little finger have the mouse secured.
  4. Click here and start testing yourself.
  5. Once your time is over the records will be shown in clicks per second.
  6. If you want to play again, tap the reset button and start playing.

How to avoid extra double clicks?

Many times your mouse starts to double click that is by mistake. It is important to detect the actual problem. Often by mistake people tend to tap their fingers differently causing those few extra clicks.

However many times the problem is far greater than that. Your mouse may be damaged, old, or of cheap quality to show poor performance. You must choose a good-quality mouse that is also compatible with gaming.

To solve this issue of extra double clicks to replace your mouse with a new mouse, better compatible one or repair your mouse yourself so that it functions the way you want it to. The task can also be achieved by programming. Many software developers tend to use this method and the mouse can function for a long time this way.


Is the double-clicking test safe?

Yes, double-clicking is completely safe.

Is the double-clicking test painful?

Double-clicking for a long time gets painful or tiring.

Will I be able to achieve high CPS by doing this test?

Yes, by practicing and testing you will.

Can double-clicking be done by any mouse?

No, you need a good mouse to avoid mistakes.

What is the best mouse for double-clicking?

One of them will be the Glorious Model O.

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