Click in 100 Seconds

CPS Test Online. Challenge yourself to measure Clicks Per Second.

Clicks in 100 Seconds Test

How fast can you click in 100 seconds? Start the game by clicking on the gray box. 

Note: The clock starts ticking with the first click.

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Clicks in 100 Seconds

“Clicks in 100 seconds” is the mode like clicks in 10 seconds and clicks in 60 seconds, with the maximum period of time during which a player can test his click speed.

Although it is very unusual for players to play a 100-second speed game, many do it just for fun because it’s a long time relatively and people enjoy clicking for a longer time span. This mode calculates the number of mouse clicks during the 100 seconds.

This is actually the maximum time for this clicker test. Generally, only serious players choose to check their clicker speed in 100 seconds. If you are looking for a shorter time mode, you can try verification clicks in 10 seconds.

In a nutshell, you can try all the test modes like clicks per second, clicks in 5 seconds, and clicks in 10, 30, and 60 seconds.

Clicks in 100 Seconds Record

The main challenge of getting higher clicks in 100 seconds is to keep the pace steady. People never know something that really matters in their competition. Yeah, the speed of the mouse click test is also an important thing that is generally overlooked.

There are hundreds of games, that are specially designed to increase your click speed. Here are the top 10 best clicker games in 2021.

However, by increasing your click speed, you can finish your work in less time and be more efficient when you click. No need to mention, fast clicking speed greatly increases your chances of winning in the clicking games such as Minecraft.

How To Click Fast When Playing Video Games?

The world record of a fast clicker for more clicks in 100 seconds is 8.2 CPS.

Cons of 100 Seconds Click Games

The time interval of this 100-second click speed test is relatively long, the fingers tighten due to constant and fast clicks resulting in finger fatigue. This is why most people cannot keep clicking for 100 seconds.

The 100-second click games require continuous movements with the fingers. If the player tries to click the mouse quickly, it will tire them out, even if they don’t comfortably end the 100 seconds.


A 100-second click test is a working tool that will help you to spend time with advantage, you can use it to train speed and number of clicks for a certain period of time, or for yourself to have fun with friends and organize a competition, which quickly clicks the mouse.

With this 100-second click test, you can exercise click speed, which can be convenient for online games or to evolve responsiveness, or compete with your friends!

Invite your friends to take the text and compete against your friends in the 100-second click test. For those who want to practice quick clicks for a longer period, the 100-second mode is perfect. It gives you a hundred-second interval where you can literally break the button.

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