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CPS Test Online. Challenge yourself to measure Clicks Per Second.

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Clicks In Per Second Dare

How fast can you click in 10 seconds? Start the game by clicking on the gray box. Note: The clock starts ticking with the first click.

Clicks Per Second Test

CPS or click speed test refers to the number of clicks per unit time. Its means it describes how many times you can click within a defined time. The CPS test may be 1 second or 5 seconds etc.

You can increase the clicks per second by clicking as many times as possible with the aid of a mouse. The average CPS record is 6.51, which is expected in most circumstances. But many players and people don’t even reach that count.

The highest clicks are counted to 14.1, according to a Google report. You can achieve more numbers with a bit of practice and dedication. It also describes how capable a gamer is to click on a mouse to increase the playing capacity to compete with the opponents.

Clicks per second are the quickest mode of the ‘click speed game.’ From an honest perspective, this variation is very helpful not only to challenge but also to have some joy – after all it takes a second only. This method will calculate the number of mouse clicks per second.

How CPS click test is helpful for people?

CPS helps you improve your click speed and enables you to do even better performance in the games. Fast clicking is the most crucial factor in the FPS games like Minecraft to kill the zombies and other characters in the game.

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Clicking speed test is the best tool for gamers who want to become pros and beat competitors. However, the test is easy and quick but needs some tricks and techniques to get a high score. Usually, people take this test and don’t get a high score. There is a simple reason for the low score, and this the lack of practice and non-implementation of clicking methods advised by experts.

Usually, many click second test software is based on different methods like Kohi test, dragging method, and jitter click. But there are many online clicking software that gives you the option to choose the desired method to test your skills. Clicking is so simple.

Just find the clicking space in the tool and Click in 1 second or 5 seconds click test or more depending on the level you want to acquire. In most cases, people prefer a 1 second to 1-minute duration to speed up their clicking speed on mouse buttons.

How TO Calculate Clicks per the second Step by step method

  • Type in the Google search box as “CPS test Online”, and you will get many results.
  • Choose any websites that are easy to use and allows you to set the time duration according to your needs.
  • After defining the countdown, and start clicking on the clicking the button on the website.
  • A countdown will start, and try to click fast within the time duration to get the maximum clicks per second.
  • Once the time is stopped, a display window will be opened, showing off your score.
  • Now, you have the chance to evaluate your click per second.
  • Clicks per the second calculator give the most accurate results, and now you can increase the number of clicks in 1 second.
  • Once you have done this, calculate your final score and compare it with the previous results.

If you think that you have performed well, then it’s good for you. But If you are not satisfied, try to add some techniques and tools that can increase the efficiency.

What Is The World Record Of The Fastest Clicking?

A website named Record setter says the Allred a player from Las Vegas has made the world record of clicking the most in 10 seconds, according to this website Dylan has made the record of 1,051 clicks in just 10 seconds.

Another world record made by Tom Andre Seppola a Nordic boy has the status of a high scorer in the 30-second game, he has made 830 clicks in 30 seconds.

How fast can I click in 1 second?

The normal clicking range in 1 second is 6.4 as compared to a world record of 14.1. Google has reported these numbers, but you can check many other ways to define the actual figures. But the question is how fas I can click in 1 second. It depends on many tasks like the quality of the mouse, your clicking ability, and the clicking methods for 1-second clicking.

For example, If the world record for a 5-second click is 30, then the user level will fall above the average. Even many gamers who play regular games can’t get 30 clicks within 5 seconds. I click challenge comes in PvP games where players need to beat each other, and the performance of the player depends on the number of fast clicks that he can perform in minimum time.

The average Scores for Different clicking techniques

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Valuable Tips on How to Improve or Increase the Mouse Clicking Speed

Various valuable techniques and methods can help you get higher results in one click per second and many clicks with different time frames.

Mouse Quality

Sometimes, most people ignore this critical factor. Each mouse brand has its sensitivity and clicking ability, and it depends on the mouse quality. The gaming mouse is considered to have high quality with maximum ability to click as fast as possible to score high.


Clicks per the second test are the ultimate result of practice that you have achieved to perform this click challenge test. The regular gamers may practice more and more to score high in upcoming CPS tests. The practice can make one perfect in its field.

Right-Clicking Method

Random clicking can’t give you what you have planned. Therefore, I recommend you to learn and practice some clicking methods like jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, and drag clicking. All these clicking techniques have some misconception about the physical health of the player.

But it doesn’t make the case until you use these techniques excessively regularly. Try to apply these methods moderately that they will not affect or damage your physical condition.

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How Games Help To increase the click speed?

PvP games like Minecraft can help to increase the number of clicks per second. You can pick the sword and start killing the enemies in the game. After some days, you will see a significant increase in the clicks in one second.

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Q.Does Jitter Click Method Affect Physical health?

No, there is a misconception about it. If you are using it wisely, then it’s ok. Otherwise, it may cause damage.

Q.How many times I click in one second?

Depending on your practice, you perform from standard score to highest score. The average score is about six, and the highest is 14.

Q.Do clicking techniques play a role to get a higher score?

Yes, If you implement all these techniques regularly, it will affect your performance.