24 Second Click Test

The technological era has pushed us towards the need of clicking. If you’re a student or a writer, you cannot live without typing. When you’re doing an assignment, you’ll need to type frequently. Similarly, if you’re working in your office, you also need to type. The Click tester 24 second is a very fun and exciting tool that can be an exciting game to play, all the while improving your clicking speed. Here is everything you need to know about the click test.

Clicks in 24-Second Test

Timer: Score: Clicks/s:

The 24-second timer test is a very functional and useful tool that you can use to practice your clicking speed. This tool is very useful for those people who play online games with the mouse. Games like Minecraft and cookie clicker are idle games that need a high clicking speed to be played. You will love playing this game to compete with your friends. Our tool is the best click test you can use to test and improve your clicking speed to win in your games. Take the test today and enjoy clicking!

Why Do You Need the Click Speed Test?

You may often wonder why you need the click speed test. This is a very useful tool that can help you see how many clicks in 24 seconds. While this is one of the most popular uses of the click speed test, it is also played as a source of entertainment and fun. The 24-second timer is the most ideal time to practice your clicking. For those who love playing games, this test is a great way to know your clicking speed and practice it. How can you get better at clicking if you don’t know your current speed?

People use the click speed test tool to brush off their daily stress by pressing the mouse button time and again. By taking this test you will release your daily stress and anger that is built over time. This test, therefore, serves more than one purpose because people use it for different reasons.

How to Measure your Clicking Speed with the Click Counter Game?

Generally, the process of calculating your mouse clicks is known as the click speed test. More than anything else, the click speed test is used as a time pass and fun. If you want to measure clicks in 24 seconds, follow the steps given below.

  1. To start the click test game, click on the “click here” button in the box. 
  2. As soon as you click the start button, the timer and counter will appear on the screen. 
  3. Once this starts, start clicking the mouse button as fast as you can. The remaining time will also be displayed. 
  4. When the timer stops, your clicking speed and number of clicks will be displayed. 
  5. If you are unsatisfied with the score, you can take the test again because we have no limit set on the number of times to take the test.

Click Challenge Game 24-sec World Record

This interesting game is not just played for fun. Some people actually compete against one another to set the highest clicking score in 24 seconds. The highest record for the most clicks in 10 seconds has been made by Dylan Allred who clicked 1,051 times. While this is the world record for the most mouse button clicks in 24 second, the world record for 24-sec has not been set as yet. So, this is your chance to make the world record. Make sure to practice with our 24-second test to get better at clicking.

Useful Tips to Get Better at Clicking

Do you want to improve your clicking speed? Here are a few tricks and tips that you should follow.

  1. Get a good gaming mouse. A gaming mouse is designed with just the right features to help you get a better score in the click test. Adjust the mouse sensitivity settings and start clicking.
  2. Multiple methods exist for mouse clicking, drag clicking, jitter clicking, and butterfly clicking. Try these clicking techniques yourself and decide which one suits you best. Most gamers agree that butterfly clicking is the best and fastest way to achieve a high clicking speed
  3. Make sure to hold the mouse firmly, and keep it in your control. A firm grip will prevent the mouse from sliding. Even if your hand slips a little, your score can be damaged. 
  4. Keep a very light hand on the mouse. Don’t press the mouse with more pressure than needed. The lesser force will reduce the risk of slipping or sliding of the mouse. 
  5. Practice! Practice is the key to success. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. This is not achieved within a day, so keep practicing till you get there. You can practice clicking with our click speed test or play different idle games.


1. What is the average jitter clicking CPS?

The average speed of clicking with this technique is around 6 clicks per second. If you can click faster, you may be able to reach 9 to 12 clicks in a second.

2. What is seen as a decent CPS score?

A decent CPS score will lie somewhere between 3 to 6 clicks in a second. While this is a decent score, you can go higher to 7 or 9 CPS if you practice well enough.

3. How can I get a better CPS score?

To get a high CPS score, you should get a good gaming mouse. You’ll need to practice mouse clicking with the CPS test and idle games. The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

4. Who is the fastest 10-second clicker?

The fastest clicker is Mr. Dylan Allred from Nevada, Los Vegas, the USA, who had achieved 1,052 clicks in a time of 10 seconds, making him the fastest clicker in the world.

5. What is my CPS score?

If you want to check your CPS score, you can take our test. We have different timers that you can try. The 5 and 10-second tests are ideal for testing your clicking speed while the 20, 30-second tests can be useful for practicing.