26 Second Click Test

Clicks per second is a very unique and interesting tool that lets you know the number of clicks you can make in a certain time. Whether you’re playing games or doing work, you need a high clicking speed to get the work done. With our 26-seconds test tool, you can measure clicks in 26 second. Let’s know more about this interesting tool. 

The 26-Second Click Test

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Have you ever wondered how fast can you click in 26 seconds? This functional and interesting tool will help you see your clicking speed. This isn’t just a game for kids. People of all age groups enjoy taking this test. Take our test today and check your clicking speed. Our 26-second click test is one of the best tests you’ll find. 

Why Does the 26 Sec Test Matter?

People who love playing games will need this tool to check and practice their clicking speed. To play games like Minecraft, Roblox, etc. you need to have a good speed of clicking. Just the difference of one click can make you lose the game. To achieve the highest number of mouse button clicks, this tool can help you count the number of clicks and practice it.

The 5 and 10-second tests are useful for checking the clicking speed because your muscles aren’t tired in this short duration. With the 26-second click games test, you can easily see your clicking speed and practice to win in your online games.

Other than this, one other interesting use of this test is as a stress reliever. As science has it, fidgeting can be helpful in reducing stress. What is the click test if not a way to fidget with the mouse button? The 26-second test can, therefore, be very useful for different purposes.

How to Measure your Speed of Mouse Clicking?

The cps clicker software is a tool that people love. It isn’t at all a hard tool to use. Here is a step-by-step process to measure your mouse clicks in 26 seconds.

  1. Above, you will see the box that says “click here”. Click on this to start the CPS test. 
  2. Once you click, the counter and timer will appear on the screen. 
  3. Once the timer starts, keep clicking as fast as you can till the timer runs out. 
  4. After the completion of the test, the results will be displayed. Your score (clicks per second) will be shown. 
  5. If you believe you could do better than this, you can always restart the test and take it again as many times as you want. There is no limit on the number of times you can take the test. Keep practicing and playing till you achieve the highest score.

The Click Speed Test for 26-Second World Record

While most people take this test to their speed, others play it as a serious game, competing against other players to set the highest score and become the fastest mouse clicker. Yes, there is a world record for the highest CPS score.

As records have it, Mr. Dylan Allred was the person who set the high score of making 1,051 clicks in just 10 seconds. If you talk about the highest clicks in 26 seconds, there is no world record set at the moment. So, it’s your chance to set the world record. Test your clicking speed in 26 seconds with our tool to see where you stand and practice to get better.

Cheats for Achieving a High Clicking Speed

Everyone wants to get a high CPS score to play games and do their work. A high clicking speed can help you win games and get work done faster. Here are a few cheats that will help you achieve a high clicking score.

Get a gaming mouse

A gaming mouse is a worthy investment if you’re playing games. These mice are designed in a way that helps gamers play their games faster and better. These gaming mice also help gamers achieve a higher clicking score.

Practice Different Clicking Techniques

If you don’t know already, there are multiple clicking techniques that people use to play their favorite games. Jitter, drag, and butterfly clicking are unique techniques that can help you achieve a higher score. It is believed that butterfly and jitter clicking can help you achieve a better clicking score than regular clicking.

Adjust the Mouse’s Sensitivity Settings

The right mouse sensitivity settings can help you get a higher clicking speed.

Practice with Click Test and idle Games

There can be no better way to get better than practicing. In every case, practicing can make you perfect. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. Try practicing with our click test. Or you can also play shooter, FPS, and idle games to improve your clicking speed.


1. Why isn’t my mouse clicking?

Sometimes, a mouse may not click properly because of a number of reasons. Sometimes it can be outdated drivers, dust in the mouse, or a mouse defect. Check your mouse for any software or hardware problems.

2. What is the CPS test?

The CPS test is a very interesting tool that counts the number of clicks you can make in a certain time period. Just open the test on the site, click on the start button, and click as fast as you can to make the best clicking score.

3. How can I click faster?

If you wish to click faster, you will first need a good gaming mouse. With that in hand, practice with the CPS test tool and play different idle, shooter, and FPS games. The more you click, the better you’ll get.

4. Is 10 CPS a good score?

Yes. considering that an average person can make up to 6 clicks in a second, a score of 10 CPS is great. If you can make a score of 8 clicks in a second, it means that you are able to click faster than most people.

5. What is seen as a good CPS score?

A good CPS score is anything above 6 clicks per second. Since an average person can make only 6 clicks in a second, if you can make around 8 clicks in a second, you have a good score.