Clicks in Minecraft

How Many Clicks Per Second Can Minecraft Register?

Minecraft is one of the rapid clicking online games played mostly by mouse or touchpad. Rapid clicking is required in this game to perform different tasks such as attacking the enemy to get as high a score as possible. The CPS count and record click per second in Minecraft shows how many times a player clicks in one second. The rate of clicking varies from one user to another.

The reason is, that professional gamers who are frequently played, have a high clicking speed as compared to an average one. While playing Minecraft, the success of a player depends upon how much precise aiming has been done at an enemy attack. It can be only done by faster clicking which can be achieved by regular practice.

Clicking Speed for Gaming

Clicking in Games

In a normal routine task, the user usually clicks 5 to 6 clicks per second. In the case of games, this clicking speed varies. The clicking speed of players that regularly play this game is 12 to 15 clicks per second. If we compare clicking speed with respect to the mouse difference then, the clicking speed of a normal mouse can be up to 15 clicks per second but the gaming mouse can withstand 21 to 23 clicks per second.

There are different factors that affect the clicking speed of users such as servers with good internet connection and the use of a gaming mouse increases the clicking speed of the users. The clicking speed depends upon three categories such as:

  • Extremely slow click speed
  • Moderately slow click speed
  • Moderately high click speed
  • Extremely fast click speed 

Clicks Registered by Minecraft

Clicking in Minecraft

In Minecraft, CPS is a test that counts the number of clicks done by the player while playing Minecraft. Minecraft registers 4-8 clicks per second irrespective of the number of clicks. If the user clicks a high number of clicks per second such as 11 to 14 CPS, Minecraft records the same number of clicks that it can register which is 4-8. It is considered that clicking speed with a range of 1.7 to 1.8 falls in excellent skill. The counter running at the back of the game records your every click in every prevalent second. You can see your clicks in Minecraft by enabling all the required requisites of CPS. Press ESC to move back into the game. You will see the CPS counter on the screen showing the number of clicks while clicking in a game.


We wrap our discussion with these words Minecraft is an online game that is played well by rapid clicking. There are different categories of clicking on the basis of clicking speed. Minecraft registers 4-8 CPS on average done by the users. The gamers of Minecraft can speed up their clicking rate by online practice on the CPS test.

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