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Today, we live in the world of technology and gaming where you are required to have a good clicking speed to get all sorts of work done. While most people perform clicking tasks daily, they are, in most cases, unaware of what their clicking speed is or how they can improve it. A click speed test is a tool that not only helps you to check your clicking speed in a certain time frame but also gives you the chance to improve your clicking speed. Here, you will know about the click speed test 45 seconds.

What is the Click test 45 seconds?

The CPS Click test per 45 seconds is a free test that allows you to measure your clicking speed in a set time frame. In some games like Roblox or Minecraft, you will need a high clicking speed to win against other players. This test is designed to help you test your clicking speed in 45 seconds and practice to improve it. To take this test, you need to click as fast as you can in 45 seconds.

Why is the 45 Seconds Click Test Necessary and where is it Used?

You might wonder why you need to measure how fast can you click in 45 seconds? It might also surprise you as to why this is becoming popular. While the click speed test is a source of entertainment for most people, it tends to serve other purposes as well. Sometimes people use this tool to improve their clicking speed to get better at playing idle games that require making multiple clicks. Moreover, many people use the 45 seconds click test to brush off the daily stress and anxiety.

How to Measure your Clicks in 45 Seconds?

If you want to know how many times can you click in 45 seconds, follow the steps below to use our tool.

  1. Open our website on your device. 
  2. Go to the Click counter 45 seconds
  3. You will see the box that says “click here”. To start the test, click inside the box. Immediately, the counter and timer will be started. 
  4. As soon as it starts, click your mouse as fast as you can till the timer stops. 
  5. When the timer stops you will be shown the results of the test in Clicks per second (CPS). 
  6. If you think that your performance was not satisfactory, you can reset the counter and take the test again. There is no limit on the number of times you can take this test, so practice more and more to get the best of your potential. 

World Record for CPS Test?

Is there a record for the most mouse clicks in 45 seconds? The world record for the most clicks in the click speed test is 22, as the latest 2022 updates have it. It’s never impossible to beat the world record. All you need to do is to work harder to get a better CPS score. How can you increase Click per 45 seconds speed? Here are a few ways described below.

How to Improve your Speed of Mouse Clicking?

Want to improve your click speed? Here are a few hacks that will be helpful.

Change your Clicking Technique

When it comes to clicking, people use different techniques to get a higher CPS score. You can change the regular clicking technique and shift to butterfly, jitter, and drag clicking which helps to achieve a higher CPS score.

Get the Right Gaming Mouse

While practice and posture matter, you need to have the right gaming mouse with the right sensitivity settings to improve your clicking speed. Make sure to have the right gaming mouse at hand.

Practice and Practice

Practice makes perfect. The more you practice your clicking, the better you will get at it. You can practice with 45 seconds click challenge, or play idle games like Minecraft or Roblox. Make sure to practice to get better at it.

Keep your Position Comfortable

When taking the CPS Counter 45 seconds test, or when clicking, make sure to keep a comfortable position at all times. Have a proper hand rest and sit in a comfortable chair. Your position will also affect your clicking speed. The more comfortable you are, the easier it’ll be to click.


1. How can I calculate my CPS?

You can use a CPS test to calculate and check your CPS score. Use our CPS test to calculate your CPS score automatically. 

2. How to improve my CPS score?

To get a better CPS score you need to get a good gaming mouse, maintain the right posture, stay comfortable, and practice. 

3. Why is my mouse making random clicks?

The weird behavior of the mouse can be because of external factors like light dust in the mouse. Or sometimes it can be because of software issues like outdated drivers.