Click in 20 Seconds

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Click in 20 Seconds

“Clicks in 20 seconds” is the mode that clicks in 10 seconds with a certain period of time during which a player can test his click speed.

What Is CPS Testing?

CPS testing or click per second testing is when you click on the mouse continuously to measure your speed in clicking until your time is up. Many people due to practicing are becoming pro at this and are setting up new records. Over time there have become many types of CPS clicking methods that help users achieve their purpose.

  1. Butterfly Clicking: Butterfly clicking is a type of clicking method that requires you to put two fingers, usually the index and middle while clicking alternately on the mouse. Once learned you can become fast at clicks per second.
  2. Kohi Clicking: Kohi clicking involves rapid finger spasms to achieve the highest CPS. Many people practice becoming pro kohi clickers.
  3. Drag Clicking: This involves the frictions between a person’s mouse and finger to achieve 100s of clicks per second.
  4. Jitter Clicking: Jitter clicking is a type of clicking that involves shaking your arm muscles to your wrists to achieve double the clicks that possible.

Why Is CPS Testing Necessary And Important For Some People?

The main goal of the CPS testing is to notify users about how many clicks they can personally achieve. Through the CPS testing, a person can keep track of their progress as well as how much room there is for improvement and can then set their goals accordingly.

So why would a user want to test themselves? CPS testing comes in great use for gamers. They apply different types of techniques for faster ability to fight, construct or ride while playing games. For this they need their speed to be very high as well as know different techniques as using only one technique can slow up one’s clicks per second due to your hand turning stiff on the mouse as it is in one position for long hours.

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How Can You Measure The Click Speed Of Your Mouse?

To see how fast you can click you need to test yourself with a CPS click tester. The process of testing your click speed is a very simple one but can be a bit confusing for beginners. This step-to-step guide will help in achieving your purpose in no time.

  1. Open google on your desktop or any other smart device.
  2. Type in ‘click speed testing’ or ‘CPS testing’ and search for a click challenge game 20 seconds and select one of the best click tests.
  3. There will be a ‘click here’ button on a box.
  4. Tap the click here and start clicking!
  5. Once the 20 second test time is over you will be notified, it will be showing on the bottom while the game is ongoing, and you will be able to view your results.

What Is The World Record For CPS 20 Second Click Test?

There is no public world record for a click test 20 seconds however there is indeed a famous world record for 10 seconds. Dylan Allred clicked 1051 times. This makes the CPS score 105.1 which is quite an achievement. An average person who is good at the game can click up to 15-20 times per second. There is much click speed testing available and with enough practice, you can set up new records. An average of 200 to 300 clicks in 20 seconds will be achieved.

Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Mouse Clicking Speed

  • You need to discover which clicking method suits you best as well as you have practiced more. Many people believe to setting up new record butterfly clicking can prove to be the fastest way.
  • To achieve a lot faster clicks you need a mouse that promises to do so, Logitech has revealed the best gaming mouse to be the G402 Hyperion Fury it has very impressive specs.
  • While clicking on the mouse make sure your mouse is in your hold properly and in control, the mouse sliding away or slipping even a little can hurt your score.
  • Click very lightly on the mouse, putting pressure can take more time as well as reduce energy for clicking or cause the mouse to slide out of hand.
  • Practice your clicking speed more and more. This requires a person to build up their speed and cannot be achieved within a day. Hence it is important to set new goals and keep focusing as well as practicing.

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Games To Help Increase Your CPS Click Speed

Games help improve your clicking speed a lot. Some games even require you to apply different clicking techniques and be a pro at clicking. Games like Minecraft where there is fighting involved require the user to do continuous clicks per second to win. The continuous speed clicks with help achieve the task a lot faster and will give an advantage over your enemy


Can you test clicking speed on any mouse?

You must use a mouse you are comfortable with to achieve the fastest click speed. Yes, there are mice recommended for click speed testing pout can be practiced on any mouse.

Is CPS testing dangerous?

Some methods of CPS testing are indeed hard to achieve but it is not dangerous.

How to set up a mouse to click perfectly?

Make sure you have full control over the mouse and are holding it in a good position before starting the game.

Why can’t I click consistently?

You may not have correctly put your fingers or holding the mouse in position. For CPS testing you have to be practiced as well as know you are applying the method correctly.

How many clicks per second is good?

Good gamers can achieve 15-20 clicks per second, however, 8-10 clicks are also considered good.

How many clicks can you make in 20 seconds?

A good player will be able to achieve 300 clicks.

Which method of clicking is the easiest to achieve?

Many people agree that the butterfly clicking method is the easiest to achieve.

Which clicking method is the hardest to achieve?

Jitter clicking is a lot harder but the speed it provides makes it worth it all.