32 Seconds Click Speed Test – Check Your Clicking Capability

If you ask a gamer the importance of a good clicking speed, they’ll tell you necessary it is for gaming. But how can you know what your clicking speed is and what are the ways you can get better at clicking? A click speed test is a unique tool that lets you assess your clicking speed by counting the number of clicks you can make in a certain time. Let’s know more about the 32-second click speed test.

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What is the 32 Second Click Speed Test?

This click speed test is a unique tool that measures the number of clicks a person can make in 32 seconds. Mostly, gamers use this tool to check their clicking accuracy and speed. This tool is suited for users of all ages. How many clicks do you think you can make in 32 seconds? Take the test yourself and find out!

Why is the Click Speed Test Necessary?

A click speed test tends to be a very useful tool when it comes to daily life usage and gaming. While a good clicking speed can be useful in doing other tasks, it seems to be a necessity when it comes to gaming. The click speed test is known to have positive effects on the well-being and health of players who enjoy eSport competitions.

However, that isn’t just it! The 32-second click speed test is also a great way to relieve your daily stress. Science shows that fidgeting is a great way to deal with stress and clicking the mouse repetitively helps you achieve that.

While the 5 or 10 seconds click speed test is good for testing how many clicks you can make accurately, the 32 seconds click speed test tends to be the most ideal for practicing your clicking speed and improving it for better gaming. Hence, the click speed test is a valuable tool for gamers who want to improve their clicking speed to win games and also for players who want to compete against one another to set the world record. It also serves as a great tool for stress relief.

How to Measure Your Mouse Clicking Speed?

If you want to measure your mouse clicking speed, here are a few simple steps to follow.

  1. On our page, you will see the “Click Here” button. Click on it to start the game.
  2. As soon as you click the button, start clicking your mouse button as fast as possible till the timer runs out. You will see the timer showing the remaining time. After 32 seconds are complete, the timer will stop.
  3. Your final score will then be presented. You can take the test as many times as you want if you think you can do better. The higher your CPS score, the better it is!

World Record for 32 Seconds Click Speed Test

While the click speed test is just seen as a simple game, it is not just that. Many competitive players love competing against one another to set the world record for the highest clicks in a second. A world record has been set for the highest number of clicks in 10 seconds which was set by Dylan Allred who clicked the mouse 1,051 times in 10 seconds.

The world record for the most clicks in 30 seconds was 830 clicks set by Tom Andre Seppola in 2010. Want to set a world record? There is no world record set for the highest clicks in 32 seconds as yet. Practice more and take a shot at setting this world record.

Tips for Improving your Click Speed

If you want to improve your clicking speed, follow these simple tips given below.

  1. Try investing in a gaming mouse instead of a regular mouse or trackpad. Gaming mice have additional functions and a custom design to help improve your clicking speed.
  2. Try different clicking techniques like butterfly clicking, drag clicking, and jitter clicking.
  3. Adjust your mouse settings.
  4. Practice with our CPS test and other idle and aiming games like Minecraft, etc.
  5. Be seated in a comfortable position. The more relaxed you are, the better and faster you can click.


What is the average speed of mouse clicking?

The average mouse clicking speed is around 4 to 7 clicks in a second. This varies based on the use of a mouse or trackpad, and the person’s experience. However, if you want to improve your clicking speed, try to go higher.

What is considered a good CPS score?

A good CPS score is anything above 4 clicks per second. While some players can achieve only 4 to 7 clicks per second, very fast clickers have reached as high as 23 or more clicks per second.

What is the CPS test?

The CPS test is a tool used to see how many clicks a player can make in a certain timeframe.

What is the best way to get a high CPS score?

Practice! Practice is the key to success. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at clicking and end up with a high CPS score. Play different clicking games and take our CPS test.