How Fast Can You Click in 30 Seconds

To find out the answer to how fast you can click in 30 seconds, you first need to know what a clicking test is. A clicking speed test is an online tool that helps you determine your clicking speed. Moreover, it is the best place to practice mouse clicks and improve clicking speed.

What is a CPS Test?

CPS test is an online tool where you have to click with your fastest clicking speed for a limited time. Once the time ends, the tool’s algorithm shows the average clicking rate in one second on the screen. Gamers use this tool to check their clicking speed and practice here to get high CPS.

What is CPS?

CPS stands for clicks per second. It is a universal unit to measure clicking speed. However, its value varies as you change the clicking test’s time limit.

What is an Average CPS of 30 Seconds Test?

An average person can generate almost 10 clicks in a second. According to this, you can get 300 clicks in 30 seconds. However, with practice, you can cross this limit easily. If you are interested in finding out how far you can go in clicking, then take this online clicking test.

However, if a person takes a 5 second or 10 seconds test, he can achieve a high CPS because when you click for 5 to 10 seconds, you can generate constant clicks. But when you cross 10 seconds, your muscles start getting tired, and this slows down your clicking speed. You can increase your clicking stamina with practice, and your muscles will not get tired quickly.

How Can You Take A CPS Test?

You can take a CPS test easily without doing much. To check your clicking speed in 30 seconds, follow these steps.

  • Click here to get your hands on the CPS test for 30 seconds.
  • You don’t need to click on the start button; just start clicking on the box where you have to click.
  • Once you click, it starts the timer
  • The timer ends after 30 seconds, and your result shows on the screen

Now, you can evaluate your clicking speed that either you are an average person or a fast clicker. As mentioned above, 300 clicks are average in 30 seconds. So, if you successfully get 320 clicks, you are more than the average clicker.

How to Improve Click Speed?

If you fail to achieve average clicking speed or you’re not satisfied with your clicking fast and/or want to improve it, you need to do the practice. These tests have multiple timer options of 1 to 100 seconds. You can start it from 5 seconds and slowly increase the timing, like 5 to 10, then 15 and increase it to 30. This way, gradually, you can practice for longer time periods to get a higher speed.

Moreover, you can improve your clicking speed by using different clicking methods, like kohi clicking, drag clicking, jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, and regular clicking. You can achieve the fastest clicking speed by choosing the most suitable clicking type.


An average person can get 10 CPS, but if you want to beat others in gaming, you need to get CPS more than average. Do regular practice and find the correct clicking type to get a high clicking speed for video games and to beat your competitors.

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