Clicks in 35 Seconds

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Click speed test, which is also known as the cps test and stands for click per the second test. It is a test based on a specific number of seconds to check the clicking speed of a mouse. The time span in different click speed tests can be different. You need to click as much as you can within that specific time. Moreover, you can try this test for as much time as you want. The rate of clicks differs from person to person. The average rate of CPS according to the latest data obtained is 6.66 and the world record that has been observed is 14.1.

The unit of observation of the number of clicks is seconds. You just need to increase the clicks for increasing your score on the test. The timing is set differently in all games and here it is about 35 seconds. You need to complete maximum clicks in 35 seconds.

Click speed test is one of the best and effective ways for measuring one’s clicks per second. You can take this test over time and improve the number of clicks per second.

Importance of Click Speed Test

The 35 seconds click challenge is important for you to improve your clicking speed. If you are a gamer, you need to be as fast as you can for fighting, constructing, riding, and doing more activities in the games. For example, playing the game Minecraft, all that matters the most is your clicking speed and an ability to click more in a short span.

Moreover, this gives you time to practice more and more. Once you have enough practice of the click speed test, you can click more efficiently in a game, as your hand will not get tired, and your chances of losing the game decrease.

You can try different techniques for improving your click per second and track the rate of improvement.

How can you Measure the Speed of your Mouse Clicking?

There are two ways, which you can use to test your click speed. You can use your keyboard or a mouse to test the clicking speed. You need to know that both the ways of clicking are equally efficient and secure.

Below mentioned is the guide to take this test, follow the steps given below:

  1. Start the test and start clicking once the timer starts, click as much as you can in the given 35 seconds.
  2. Make sure your hands are in a comfortable position while clicking because you need to click as quickly as you can.
  3. Once you have completed the test, it will take a few seconds to show up the test result.
  4. The result shown will be for the number of clicks made in 35 seconds or the clicks per 35 seconds.
  5. You can find out the number of clicks per second and per minute on your own for better evaluation.

Tricks to Increase Click Per Second

Below mentioned are some simple-to-follow tricks and techniques that you can use to click fast in a second or to increase your clicking speed.

Practice Regularly

If you want to have an increased clicking speed, one thing you need to make sure is that you practice regularly, you can make time daily to practice more and more so that you can have an increased clicking speed. There are different techniques that you can practice including jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, and much more.

Use Mouse

You can use a keyboard or a mouse for clicking but it is better to use a mouse instead of clicking because the mouse is comparatively faster than a keyboard click and especially on a laptop cursor, the speed automatically becomes slower than that of a mouse.

Know your Keys

While using a mouse for clicking, you need to practice the keys on the mouse, while some systems and computers also give you an option to customize your keys for a better clicking or gaming experience so you can adjust accordingly.

Hands Position

While you are practicing clicking, you must not forget to practice keeping your hand positioned rightly over the mouse. You should use the mouse with your right hand by keeping your fingers positioned stiffly over the keys so that they may not shatter while clicking.

Scrolling Issue

Most of the gamers have this issue that they cannot keep themselves focused while clicking as while they are clicking, they are also focused on scrolling their mouse which diverts them from the clicking and pointing and this lessens their clicking speed.


Where can I see the timer?

Once you have started the click per second game, the timer box will appear on the screen usually in gray color. The timer stops, the game ends and the result displays within seconds.

How do I make my mouse double click?

You can adjust the speed of double click in the settings of your mouse. This is how you can make your single click show like a double click and this also increases the double click clicking speed.

What is the world record for clicks per second?

The latest secured world record for a maximum number of clicks in a second is 14.1 CPS.

How do you click a butterfly in Minecraft?

Butterfly clicking is actually clicking over the left button of the mouse using the pointer finger first and then immediately with the middle finger. While clicking, the index finger holds over the right key on the mouse.

How do I stop my mouse from double-clicking?

The feature cannot totally be disabled as there is no such feature available currently. However, the speed of double-clicking of your mouse can be lessened which makes it seem like a single click. You can adjust it in the mouse settings.

What if I beat the current record?

If you beat the latest record of click per second, your name will be mentioned in the record and on the website where you will make this record. Normally the websites update their data every week.