Where to Take Accurate CPS Test?

Where to Take Accurate CPS Test? | Authentic Platform

CPS is an abbreviation for clicks per second. One can take a CPS test on many online websites or download software to take a test offline as well. A person’s CPS is calculated by counting the number of clicks he does in a given timeframe. How many clicks one can make in a second is very important for gamers as many online video games depend on it. The CPS of a player plays a vital role in calculating his efficiency as a player.

The average clicks per second range from 5 to 6 clicks per second, but the highest number of clicks recorded per second is 14.1. Players need their clicks to be as high as possible in many games like Minecraft, PUBG, and Valorant to beat their opponent players. But, the question arises: How can a player take an accurate CPS test?

Why Taking an Accurate CPS Test Important?

Importance of CPS Test

CPS test is crucial for gamers. It helps them to know what they are lacking and how much they need to improve. Gamers change their clicking techniques, and the CPS test is the way for them to find out which one is more efficient for them. People who do office work or perform administrative tasks will need to rely on this CPS test. It helps them to calculate their clicking speed and work in a more organized and efficient manner.

There are some factors as well which affect a person’s clicking speed. These factors are,

  • The mouse that person uses
  • If that person uses maximum force while clicking
  • The sitting position he prefers
  • How does he place his arm for optimum movement or clicking of the mouse button?

How to Take an Accurate CPS test?

Just taking any CPS test is not enough. One needs to be sure that the online website or offline software he is using provides the accurate CPS test. Considering the importance of a correct CPS test, .  provides you with an accurate CPS test.  Visit this website and follow the following steps to make a successful and accurate CPS (clicks per second) test.

  • Select the time duration for which one wants to take the test.
  • Click on the Start button given in the box.

How to Take Accurate CPS Test

  • Click as fast as one can to get the maximum number of clicks
  • After the time finishes, a pop-up window will show the score

The score would show the number of clicks one can do within the given time frame. This calculates how much they need to improve and can try different techniques for improving scores. The click speed website is not just accurate but also free, so one can take the CPS test infinite times to prove their clicking speed and methods.


Every gamer needs to take a CPS test if they want to improve at their gaming. Moreover, the people who don’t play games also like to calculate their clicking speed for fun. Thus, an accurate CPS test is quite important.

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