How to Drag Click?

How to Drag Click?

CPS, or Clicks per the Second rate, has become an important factor especially when it comes to online gaming. A fast clicking speed is one of the leading ways of being successful at gaming because the majority demand an excellent reaction time. Therefore, as an online gamer, one of your aims should be to improve your CPS rate. You can do this by practicing click speed tests and using more effective clicking techniques. Drag clicking is one of the most effective strategies to enhance your click speed.

Why Learn Drag Clicking?

Drag clicking can improve your clicking speed to more than 32 times a second while average gamers usually have a speed of 6.51 to 14.1 CPS. This will certainly give you an edge in a game that demands a good click speed. With more clicks in a second, you can do more hits and block more damage in most games.

What is Drag Clicking?

How to Drag Click Easily

Drag clicking is a mouse clicking strategy that works by forcefully dragging your index finger over the left or right mouse button (whichever is needed) in order to trick your device to interpret it as multiple clicks in quick succession. Drag clicking can also be called Fazer tapping. This technique works because the friction between your finger and the mouse button causes vibrations that are registered as multiple individual mouse clicks.

Steps to Drag Click

While a drag click might seem to be a simple swipe over of the finger over the button, there is more than that to it. You need practice and the right mouse to achieve this. Some respond better to drag clicking than others. To drag click, follow the given steps.

Ensure that your hands are dry

Your hands need to be completely dry because this clicking strategy depends on friction. The surface of the mouse buttons also needs to be clean and moisture-free. Make sure there is no dust or sweat to hinder the process.

Hold the Mouse

Grip the mouse the way you do normally with your thumb on the left side and your smallest finger on the right. Place your index or pointer finger on the left button and the middle finger on the right. The fingers need to be positioned over the upper edge of each button.

And make sure you have the best mouse for drag clicking.

Press Down on the Button

Placing your wrist at a slight angle, press down on the mouse button and move your finger downwards towards the front of the mouse. Remember only to glide the finger and not press down too hard on the button. A “grinding noise” should be heard if you are doing it correctly. It will be accompanied by a vibration that indicates an effective drag click.

Confirm that your drag Click is Working

To ensure that you are doing it correctly, use an online tool that registers and records clicks. You can find many of these free tools online.

If you are aiming to improve your click speed, learning the drag click is the right place to start. This clicking technique will bring up your CPS rate tremendously.

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