Best Mouse for Jitter Click

5 Best Mouse for Jitter Clicking [Updated: 2022]

If you are a gamer and love to play games on your PC, we are sure you know the importance of a good gaming mouse. A good gaming mouse can help you click much better and faster, giving you a better chance to win against your competitors. There are different techniques used for clicking in PC games. One of the most popular techniques is jitter clicking where the gamer has to click as fast as they can with only one finger. There are different mice for jitter clicking, so the question arises whether all work just the same. The answer to that is no! Every gaming mouse performs differently, so you need to choose carefully, the ones that are best for jitter clicking. We have collected some of the best mice for jitter clicking.

We have narrowed down some of the best mice for jitter clicking.

1. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

This gaming mouse is designed for a great gaming experience and is amongst the most celebrated mice for gamers. It has a solid build and supports and an exceptionally firm grip. With optical sensors that are highly responsive, this gaming mouse accurately registers every hand movement precisely on the screen. The elegant and sleek design offers great comfort for gamers. Players are free to use the right and left mouse buttons for jitter clicking and the other buttons for various other games. This gaming mouse is great at jitter clicking because of its high DPI range of 200-12000.

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2. Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse

Corsair gaming mouse is a compact mouse that can easily be carried with a laptop. With wireless slipstream technology, the mouse works super fast and can easily be connected to Bluetooth or USB. With a high battery life of 60hrs, gamers can play for several days without the need of charging. The high 10,000 DPI ensures that even the slightest movements are detected. Moreover, the DPI and sensitivity settings can be adjusted easily using the Corsair iCUE software.

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3. ROCCAT KONE AIMO Gaming Mouse

This gaming mouse has around 5 different lighting modes that provide a super amazing gaming experience. Being dust-resistant, this mouse doesn’t need much cleaning. The thumb area is grooved and allows a better grip over the mouse. With an owl-eye sensor, this gaming mouse offers exceptionally amazing tracking sensitivity and the 24 multi-functional buttons allow gamers to perform different functions.

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4. Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse

Being a lightweight gaming mouse, the Glorious model O mouse is easy to use and the large cord makes it simple and easy to operate. The honeycomb shell gives this lightweight and also offers ventilation to prevent palm sweating. Moreover, high pix art 3360 sensors offer great sensitivity and superior tractability.

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5. RedDragon M602 Wired RGB Gaming Mouse

The RedDragon gold plated gaming mouse is an amazing gaming mouse that offers LED lights for a perfect gaming experience the diverse compatibility allows it to be used with different computers. With superior ergonomic features, this gaming mouse has a high DPI of 7200 and 10G acceleration offering great functionality.

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All these mice listed above are some of the best options that we find for jitter clicking. While there are many others, these are some of our top selections

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