Click Speed Test in 28 Seconds | Check Your Click Rate

What Is The Click Speed Test?

The Click Speed Test is a test to measure your clicking speed by determining how many times you clicked your mouse in one second. Clicking rate or speed is measured in clicks per second which is why this test is commonly known as Click Per Second Test.

Clicks Per Second (CPS) measures a person’s click speed. The higher your CPS is, the faster your clicking speed is. You can take online Click Speed Tests, and the 28-second click test is one such test to determine your clicking speed, where the time limit is 28 seconds, obviously.

Why Are Click Speed Tests in Demand?

There are some apparent reasons someone would need or search for a good click per second program online.

If someone doesn’t know their mouse-clicking speed, they would need the test. Once they know their clicking speed, they can practice improving it gradually. The tool will help them measure how they’re improving during the practicing process.

What is the Importance of High CPS?

A high CPS is essential for competitive gamers. Fast clicking is very helpful in games like Minecraft and First Person Shooter games. Here is how a high CPS can help you win at various video games:

  • A high clicking speed lets you gather most resources in games where resources need to be clicked on as quickly as possible to register in your record. Because they only appear for a short time and disappear quickly, which requires you to be a fast and efficient clicker.
  • With a high click speed, you can efficiently perform challenging tasks in games where other players might give up. For example, at a point in the game, you and your team players come across many opponents. Your teammates may die due to slow clicking speed, but you can shoot down several enemies quickly and win the game due to fast and efficient clicking.
  • Your reaction time in video games will be very good as well. This is a good skill in real-time strategy games where you need to react quickly to ambushes and move fast using a mouse.
  • A high clicking speed raises your chances of defeating your opponents in Minecraft PvP, shooting, and other combat games.
  • Also, your general productivity for computer-related tasks increases if you develop a high clicking speed. 

For these reasons, people often search for clicks per second calculator online. They use click speed tests to determine their average clicking speed in CPS to see if there is room for improvement.

Taking clicks per second test like 28 second CPS tester can help train you to improve your clicking speed.

How Can You Measure Your Mouse Clicking Speed?

To find how fast you can click your mouse, use our clicks per second tracker.

This program measures how many times you can click in 28 seconds. To measure your clicking speed, follow the steps below:

1. Open the 28 Second CPS Test

Go to the top of this page. But, if you’re somewhere else on the site, hover over to the Speed Test from the menu to have a drop-down list. From the list, you can find the 28 Seconds click test; click on it.

2. Start The Test

You will see a box once you’re at the 28-second speed test page. Click in the box or on the text Click Here to begin the test.

3. Click As Fast As You Can

When the test begins, the clicks per second timer will start, counting down from 28 seconds. Click as fast as possible until the timer goes off.

4. Check Your Score

When the timer runs out, your CPS score will appear on the screen. You can compare your score to other competitive gamers’ CPS scores and see if you need to improve your clicking speed.

What Is My Ranking With Respect to The World Record?

The highest achievement in any field or skill sets the bar for others in the field. Similar is the case with click speed.

Serious gamers may have wondered where they stand among top gamers who rely on high clicking speeds for their success. If you also want to know where you stand compared to the world record or how fast clicker you are, you need to compare your score with the set world record. So, you need to know the clicks per second world record for comparison.

The world record for the highest CPS is 14.1 clicks per second.
The following standard ranking can help you determine your click speed level:

  • 1-3 CPS: Extremely Slow Click Speed
  • 4-7 CPS: Moderately Slow Click Speed
  • 8-13 CPS: Moderately High CPS
  • 14 or above CPS: Extremely High CPS

Tips to Improve Your Mouse Clicking Speed

If you find yourself a slow clicker, here are some easy tips to help you improve your CPS score:

1. Practice Rigorously

Practice daily using our CPS Test to improve your clicking speed. You can set yourself clicks per second challenge to motivate yourself and keep improving.

2. Aim to Beat The Clicks Per Second Record

Check leaderboards to see how your fellow gamers are doing in click speed tests. You can use this to motivate yourself to train harder and be the best in the game.

3. Use The Right Tools

Different mouses require different amounts of force for a click to register, which affects your clicking speed. If you’re able to invest in a gaming mouse, go for it! Gaming mice are specially designed to click fast and effectively. Companies like Cyborg, Logitech, and Razer make mice with a higher DPI. Therefore, their mouses have higher sensitivity and good clicking potential.

4. Use Better Clicking Techniques

Various techniques like drag clicking, butterfly clicking, and jitter clicking can help improve your CPS. You can easily find video tutorials on YouTube on how to master these techniques.

5. Play Games Requiring A High Click Speed

Play games that involve a lot of clicking to practice improving your CPS. Some games that need high reaction time and boost CPS are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Starfield 2, Dota 2, The Witcher 3, Rocket League, and Final Fantasy.


1. What are the average clicks per second?

The average clicks-per-second score is said to be 6.69 clicks per second. This is the CPS score that an average video game player usually possesses with no extra effort or training.

2. How fast can I click in 28 seconds?

It is possible to click as many as 394 times in 28 seconds. However, your personal score depends on the amount of practice you’ve had, the kind of mouse you are using, and what technique you are using.

3. How many clicks can a mouse take?

You don’t need to worry about breaking your mouse by practicing with our 28 Second Click Speed Test. An average mouse is built to sustain up to 20 million clicks and has a lifetime of 7.2 years. As the sole purpose of mouses is to click, clicking too much will not wear them out either.