23 Second Click Test

Much of our lives today revolve around technology. From work to playing games, you cannot live without clicking several times a day. Since clicking has become such an integral part of our lives, we need something to help us keep up. The Click counter game is an interesting tool designed to let you see the number of clicks you can make and help you get better at it. Here is everything you need to know about our best click test.

What is the Click Test for 23 Second?

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Have you ever wondered how many clicks in 23 seconds? If yes, this click speed test is the perfect tool for you. With this test, you will be able to see your clicking speed and the number of clicks you can make in 23 seconds. This interesting test is played by a game by people of all ages because it is an interesting, stress-relieving activity. Take the test today and see why people love it so much!

Necessity and Applications of the 23-Sec Test

With the 5 and 10-second click test being the ideal to test your clicking speed, the 23-second timer is the best to practice your clicking speed and improve it. You will see most people using the 23-second timer test to practice.

How can you win your games if you don’t know what your clicking speed is? When it comes to shooter and FPS games, gamers know the importance of having a high clicking speed because one click can be the difference between a win and a loss. This 23-second click test can come in handy for knowing and practicing to win your online games.

However, this isn’t the only place where this test is used. Other than seeing your clicks in 23 second, this tool is also used as a way to relieve stress by pressing the mouse button again and again. So, the test is not as purposeless as you think.

How to Measure Your Clicking Speed with the Click Tester for 23 Second?

To test your mouse button clicks in 23 seconds, here is the step-by-step process to follow.

  1. In the box above, you will have the “click here” option. Click on it to start the game.
  2. As soon as you click it, the timer and counter will be shown on the screen.
  3. Once the timer starts, start clicking as fast as soon as you can.
  4. When the timer runs out, the results will be displayed. You will be shown your clicking speed and score (number of clicks).
  5. If you think the results are not satisfactory, you can take the test as many times as you want because there is no limit on the restart button.

What’s the World Record?

While most people believe the click challenge game 23 sec to be a simple tool, it is a unique game that people enjoy playing on different applications or websites. While it may seem a little hard to believe, the world record has been set for the highest CPS score. The highest clicks in 10 seconds were made by Dylan Allred who clicked the mouse 1,051 times in just 10 seconds.

The world record for the most clicks in 30 seconds was made by Tom Andre Seppola from Norway, who had clicked the mouse button 830 times in this time frame.

Yet, no world record exists for the most clicks in 23-seconds, so this may just be your chance to take a shot at it. Practice with our click test today, and be ready to set the world record! You never know, it might be you who gets the privilege.

Tips to Increase Clicking Speed

Well, there are many techniques you can use to increase your clicking speed. Here are a few that can be helpful.

1. Different Clicking Techniques

There are several clicking techniques that are worth a try if you want to achieve a high score. Here are a few clicking techniques that can be useful.

– Jitter Clicking

Jitter clicking works by vibrating the right hand which can lead to a good clicking speed.

– Drag Clicking

This clicking technique includes dragging the finger over the mouse to create multiple clicks. This can result in a high CPS score.

– Butterfly Clicking

This butterfly clicking technique uses both fingers on the mouse buttons to tap faster. Try it out because most people believe this technique can lead to more clicks.

2. Get a Good Gaming Mouse

A good gaming mouse with the right sensitivity settings can help you achieve a higher clicking speed than a regular mouse. This is because these mice are uniquely designed to meet the needs of gaming including a high clicking speed.

3. Sit in a Comfortable Posture

A good posture when clicking can be very helpful as well. When you are sitting comfortably with your hands rested appropriately, you will be able to make more clicks.

4. Practice Your Clicking with the CPS Test and Idle Games

As you already know, practice makes perfect! You can practice clicking with our click test or play idle games to get better at clicking.


1. What CPS will be a good score?

A good CPS score can be between 15-20 clicks in a second. However, even if you can reach 8 to 10 clicks, it will be good.

2. Is it dangerous to test CPS?

While some methods of CPS testing can be a little difficult to achieve, CPS testing is not dangerous at all.

3. How many methods for clicking can be used to get better CPS?

You can use different clicking methods for getting a higher CPS. Some of these methods include Drag clicking, butterfly clicking, and jitter clicking. These methods are known the help gamers achieve a high CPS score.

4. How many clicks can be achieved in 20 seconds?

While you can make many clicks in this time, most people are able to achieve at least 300 clicks. Try it out and see how many clicks you can make.

5. Which method of clicking is the easiest?

The easiest method of clicking is believed to be butterfly clicking as most people agree.