Click Speed Test in 29 Second | Check Your CPS

Clicking has become a central activity in our lives today. Playing games and want to get a higher clicking speed? The click per second test is a great tool to check your clicking speed and improve it. Here is everything you need to know about the click speed test.

CPS or Click Speed Test

How fast can you click in a specific time limit? The click per second challenge is a great tool to check your clicking speed and provides a free practicing platform. You can bring in your friends and family and compete against them. The process is simple; just keep clicking till the timer runs out. You can set the timer for as long as you want. The number of hits you can make determines your speed either you are an average clicker or can beat your competitors.

What’s so interesting about this tool? Take our 29-second click test to find out the answer by yourself.

Why Do You Need to Test Click Speed?

The click counter per second test is a helpful tool for gamers to test their clicking speed and practice clicks. The more you practice, the faster you will get at clicking.

Gamers use this 5-second click speed test or 10-second click test to see how fast they can click. This time limit tends to be suitable for testing your fastest possible clicking speed, while a 29-second click speed test is an excellent time to practice your speed.

Gamers know the importance of good speed because a single click can become the difference between a win and a loss. The click test of 29 seconds is used by gamers to practice their clicking speed to get the fastest clicking speed that turns into success. Being able to click as fast as possible, you can take down all your opponents without doing much.

Moreover, since mouse clicking is a way to fidget with your fingers, it can help you relieve stress and anger as well. This test was designed by keeping the gamers in mind. Therefore, the most widespread use of this test is to improve clicking speed to win in different games.

How Can You Measure the Clicking Speed?

What are my clicks per second? If you wish to measure your clicking speed, follow the simple steps below. With this tool, you can see how fast you can click in 29 seconds.

  1. On the tool interface, tap on the click here button or start clicking the mouse. Both actions start the timer. 
  2. The click counter and timer will appear as soon as the test starts. 
  3. Now, start clicking as fast as you can till the timer runs out. 
  4. Once the timer stops, you will see the results of the clicks per second, CPS, and total clicks you generate. 
  5. If you think you haven’t performed well enough and can do better, you can retake the test by clicking the “Restart Test” button. There is no limit on this clicks per second counter, so you can take it as many times as you want.

World Record for the Click Speed Test 29 Second

The world record for the CPS test also exists, though some find it hard to believe. This unique game is played by gamers worldwide who compete with one another to become the fastest clicker. As the records have, Dylan Allred from Las Vegas has the highest score of 1,051 clicks in 10 seconds.

The world record for the 30-second click speed test is 830 clicks which Tom Andre Seppola set in 2010.

Talking about the Clicks per 29-second test, there is no world record set yet. So you can play and become the record-setter and set the benchmark score for the most clicks in 29 seconds. Set the world record today and let others compete against your score.

Tips to Increase Clicking Speed

As the clicking speed is important in most situations, you may want to get a high score in the CPS test to get better at clicking. How to make your mouse click faster to achieve a higher score? Here are a few tips that you can follow to get the highest clicking speed.

  1. Make sure your hands are relaxed. Sit in a comfortable position, ensuring that your muscles aren’t strained. The more comfortably you sit, the more clicks you can make.
  2. Try to avoid using your claws. 
  3. Rest your palm on a table to get stable and firm clicks. When your hand is rested, you can make more clicks. 
  4. Practice your clicking speed by taking the CPS test. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. 
  5. Get a good gaming mouse. Gaming mice are designed with specific features that help you click faster. 
  6. Try different clicking techniques like jitter, butterfly, and drag clicking. These techniques help you click faster. 


1. What is the clicks per second program?

The CPS test is a great tool that is designed to help you calculate your clicking speed. It measures how many clicks you can make in a specific time frame.

2. What is a good CPS score?

A good CPS score will be anything about the average. Most players can get a score between 6 to 7 clicks. How fast can I click in 29 seconds? You can take the test to find it out yourself.

3. How many clicks can a mouse take?

It is usually possible for a mouse to run out of clicks or lose its function. A mouse is expected to run for 10 million clicks in most cases.

4. What is the average clicks per second?

The average score per second is around 6.69 CPS. This is the score that most people can achieve. However, if you practice a little more, you can go higher.