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Welcome to Clicks Per Second

We are an independent website for clicking experts, gamers, mouse reviewers and IT freaks. With worldwide recognition, Clicks-PerSecond.Com is second to none for CPS Tests like Jitter clicking, Kohi Clicking, and Butterfly Clicking.

On our website, you will have the opportunity to take tests and check your current clicking rate with scores. Our userbase starts with children and extends to adults who perform the test for their computer mouses regularly. Additionally, we are a resourceful website for PC gamers and IT experts all over the world.


“To Flourish As The Best Clicking Test Website WorldWide”


“Help the community of PC gamers, IT experts and Mouse reviewers with true results and functionality testing”

Why Clicks-persecond.com?

Our system is integrated with top-notch technology that can even monitor a microsecond gap of clicking. You can check our results with CPS Test to ensure precision and quality.

With us, you can succeed in gaming competitions and mouse reviewing with no extra effort.

What Types of CPS Test Are Available?

We have a range of click per second tests for you. Here you can open them individually:

Click per second test

Kohi Click Test

Jitter Clicking Test

Butterfly Click Test

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