How to check mouse dpi

How to Check Mouse DPI? | 3 Best Methods

The DPI of a mouse determines how fast the mouse moves when you scroll it. People use computer mice for different purposes and based on these purposes, the mouse DPI may vary. People may choose between high or low DPI depending on what they want to do. Gamers often use a gaming mouse with a high DPI because they need high sensitivity. If you want to check the DPI of your mouse, there are some simple ways to do it. If you don’t know how to, let us help!

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How to Check the DPI of your mouse?

Currently, there is no proper application within the system that allows you to check your mouse DPI. Because there is no direct way to do so, people want to know about how to check their mouse DPI. Here are a few methods to check your mouse DPI easily.

Method 1: Checking the Manufacturer’s Specs

This is a simple method that applies to mice that are branded. Most of the major branded mice have a list of images and specs. The mouse DPI is either mentioned on the device box or the instruction manual. If not there, you can find the mouse DPI on the manufacturer’s website. If you still can’t find the DPI, it’s best to contact customer support for help.

Method 2: Using Microsoft Paint

This seems like an unusual method to check the DPI, but it does work. The MS paint app comes equipped with the feature of seeing the cursor’s pixel. These simple steps can work to check your mouse DPI.

  1. Open the Microsoft paint app.
  2. Set the level of zoom to 100%
  3. Choose any brush tool and then set it to the left end of the screen. At the bottom left corner, the number showing first should be zero.
  4. Next, hold the mouse’s left button and then move it around almost 2 to 3 inches. Now, without moving it, check the first number on the bottom left and write it down.
  5. Repeat this procedure several times, and then calculate the average of the measurement. This gives you the mouse DPI.

Method 3: Using a DPI Settings Software

One other way to check your mouse DPI is to download the software from the websites of the manufacturer. Some computer mice have adjustable DPIs and if your mouse has it, this method can be used to change the DPI of the mouse to what you want. Many famous mouse brands like razer etc have software that allows users to change and control their DPI in reality. So, if you use a mouse of a specific brand, you can check and change the DPI using the software.

If you are using a mouse for gaming, you might want to get one with a higher DPI. If you already have a mouse and don’t know how to check the DPI, we have described a few simple methods above that you can follow. If one method does not work, try giving the others a shot.

How Does DPI Affect One’s Clicking Speed or Performance?

Basically, DPI affects the clicking speed. More sensitivity means a mouse responds more quickly. A mouse with a higher DPI than usual requires the person using the mouse to move it less. One moves the mouse less but covers more coverage than usual. 

A high DPI level is useful for gamers who need fast movement. Normally, a high DPI level is not much appreciated by business officials as they don’t need it. Many gaming websites have a standard DPI mentioned on their websites. In many games, gamers require a higher DPI with all the continuous shooting and running. But there are some games that require less DPI than usual. Consider a scenario, in which a gamer has to take a scope shot. The screen’s steady in such scenarios so the gamer requires a less DPI to calmly take his shot.

How much DPI Should One Set?

If one is not a gamer and uses his or her laptop or PC just for daily work. The standard DPI that a person needs is 800 DPI.

For gamers, it precisely depends on the game. As explained earlier, the gaming websites have started mentioning the required DPI for their game. Earlier, gamers used to buy the mouse by keeping in check the DPI required for the games they want to play and used to choose the mouse having DPI closest or same to what they required.

But as the technology has advanced, the mouse these days actually come with buttons to increase or decrease the DPI. So, one can buy a gaming mouse and play multiple games that require different DPIs. Some mouses don’t have the buttons but they do come with software that controls the DPI and can be increased or decreased for better performance and accuracy. Thus, one doesn’t need to know beforehand what DPI they require or what mouse they should get, all they need to be concerned about is if the mouse has options for changing the DPI and they are good to go.


DPIs are important for the performance and accuracy of gamers. We hope that you found out every bit of detail about DPI, methods to check it, and its connection with the clicking speed.

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