How To Click Fast When Playing Video Games

How To Click Fast When Playing Video Games?

When it comes to video games, even the smallest of changes can have a significant impact on the outcomes.  A slightly faster clicking speed can increase your chances of success immensely, just like a little greater skill can get to the first position!

Clicking speed refers to the number of clicks the mouse can make in a given amount of time. The time frame can vary between 1 and 100 seconds, so the unit of the clicking speed can be click per second for example. There are many factors that influence the clicking speed, and thus, many ways you can click faster when playing video games.

You can use the tester to check your clicking speed, you can use clicks per 10-second tester or clicks in 5 seconds. It is a better and accurate tester than others.

How to Increase Clicking Speed For Video Games?

Use a Mouse Instead of The Touchpad of Your Laptop

A mouse usually has a faster clicking speed than the mouse-pad of your laptop, so stick to that when playing video games. The hand positioning and mechanism of both are different, and it is this that makes the mouse a better option.

If you’re a beginner and want to learn how to play games, clicking your mouse faster is one of the basics skills that you should learn. Here are the Top 5 Gaming Mouse Review for Better Clicking, 5 Tips for Choosing The Best PC Mouse for Higher Click Rate

Use a Fast Clicking Strategy

The mouse button can be clicked in a number of ways, each of which yields different clicking speeds. If you wish to improve your clicking speed, try the faster techniques. These mainly include the jitter and butterfly clicking methods which rely on rapid muscle spasms in the finger to maximize the number of clicks per second. Practicing the faster techniques and using them during the game can make you a pro at your game, and to do that, you can seek help from online tutorials.

Be Aware of The Left and Right Buttons

Pressing the wrong key on the mouse can lower your clicking speed, so be sure to practice well so that you are aware of the buttons. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the mouse to your clicking if you want to increase the clicking speed.

Here are some ways which help you to increase your clicking rate

Use a Mouse Designed Specifically For Gaming

Gaming mice are designed specifically to have greater than usual clicking speeds because clicking speed significantly impacts gaming. A razor mouse is a good option, and there are several companies that have faster than usual clicking speeds.

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Make Your Clicks Efficient by Positioning Your Hand Correctly

Practice your clicks by positioning your hand correctly. It is best to keep the finger close to the mouse between clicks instead of moving it too far away or even keeping it on the mouse. Also, apply light pressure on the key instead of pushing too hard because using great pressure can lower the clicking speed. You would also need to grip the mouse firmly to avoid it from slipping through your hand. Using both fingers alternatively can also increase clicking speed.

Practice Makes You Perfect!

Practice clicking faster through video games or clicking software.

Your clicking speed can be tested with a clicking speed test easily available online. If you want to improve your clicking speed, start practicing, and keep track of your speed using these tests. Gamer can click faster than the normal user.

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