Is Wireless Mouse Better For Faster Clicking Speed Than Wired Mouse

Is Wireless Mouse Better For Faster Clicking Speed Than Wired Mouse?

This topic has been in debate for the past few years that whether one should go for purchasing a wired mouse or a wireless mouse. However, I would want to clarify that this varies for everyone according to their preferences.

Some would prefer using a wireless mouse because they are comfortable using that and others would prefer a wired mouse as per their requirements. Both wired and wireless mouse are highly being used for gaming. As they provide ease in clicking faster and making maximum clicks in 5 seconds and so on.

A mouse can be connected to your PC through a USB port or via Bluetooth. The wired mouse has to be connected to your computer through USB and wireless mouse can be connected via Bluetooth.

However, if we compare the working of both mouse, the end result shows that the wireless mouse is a bit slower than a wired mouse. It suffers interference issues and recharging the battery could be another issue.

Click Speed Test on Wireless Mouse

Moreover, a wireless mouse is more expensive than a wired mouse. It does give a faster clicking speed experience, but it can cost you more than a wired mouse. If we look at the wired mouse, it has lesser interference issues, does not need to worry about charging batteries, works faster, and is less costly.

Click Per Second Test NowA gamer who puts more focus on accuracy, as well as speed, would definitely end up buying a wired mouse. On the other hand, a gamer for whom aesthetics matter the most would go for a wireless mouse. Wireless mouse is also more convenient because you can easily carry them with you while you are traveling.


In terms of speed, a wired mouse will function well with higher accuracy than a wireless mouse. Gamers often face the problems of lagging when they are using a wireless mouse because of lower speed and accuracy. So you can check out some best mouse recommendations for your ease.

Therefore, a true gamer won’t spend extra money on a mouse that gives lesser speed.


If we talk about the price factor, the wired mouse cost less than a wireless mouse. Because a wireless mouse comes with innovative design, style, features, and technology, it will definitely cost you more. A wired mouse is not too expensive for its functionality.

Convenience for Clicking

In terms of convenience, a wireless mouse would be more preferable because you don’t have to worry about any wires or cables. You can carry it around. You cannot move a wired mouse because of the wires. Wireless mouse can be connected to your TV as well for gaming. However, battery life can be an issue.

Aesthetics and Design

If we talk about aesthetics and design, the wireless mouse would be at the top because of the attractive design, lightings, and innovative style. A wired mouse is rated low in terms of aesthetics because less focus is given to appearance. Moreover, the messy wires and cables can destroy their style.

Therefore, a person who prefers style and design would definitely buy a wireless mouse and a person who values speed over design would end up buying a wired mouse.

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